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Predict the Rest of the Season


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Let's all take another crack at predicting how this season plays out, this time with the aid of a 7 week sample size (although given the chaos so far, this doesn't help as much as it should).


I'm gonna go game by game but feel free to just predict the 14 playoff teams and their seed.



  1. Eagles 14-3
  2. Vikings 11-6
  3. Buccaneers 10-7
  4. 49ers 10-7
  5. Cowboys 12-5
  6. Giants 11-6
  7. Rams 9-8

Seahawks 9-8



  1. Bills 14-3
  2. Ravens 12-5
  3. Chiefs 12-5
  4. Titans 9-8
  5. Bengals 11-6
  6. Dolphins 11-6
  7. Raiders 8-9

Browns, Chargers, Jets: 8-9

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Ohhhh, let’s see, 2022…

Giants win Superbowl against the Jets, but only after an alien sighting on the opposite end of the field In the 3rd quarter, the new POTUS was announced in the pre game, Daniel Jones ran for 230 yards and Saquon threw one to him on a Broadway special. 

(I’ll do it properly in a bit…)

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