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Grugier-Hill Released


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During Lord Easterby’s reign: KGH is a team leader, he sets the tone and is helping build a culture here. 

After Lord Easterby’s departure: Wahhhhh, I’m losing PT to a guy who plays football better than I do, I quit.

Good riddance to bad rubbish. He doesn’t know it yet, but his NFL career is effectively over - nobody is going to sign a LB as bad as him with the intention of him being a starter. His tackle numbers are a product of him being horrendous in coverage - if he racks up 20 tackles a game, it means he missed his assignment in coverage and was thrown on at least 15 times.

I’d wager that guys like Derek Rivers and Jonathan Owens (other Easterby guys) are next - Brandin Cooks is the only Easterby guy who actually carries value elsewhere, rest of these guys are doomed to XFL/USFL duty.

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