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What did Joe Judge do wrong with the Giants?


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2 minutes ago, Championshiporbust said:


probably the worst stretch of ST ineptitude in the Belichick era. Many stupid mistakes. Stupid concepts that flat didn't work. 


And for QB now, I have no proof, but I honestly believe he and Patricia are sabotaging Mac because they like Zappe better. 

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As a Giants fan that does not hate Joe Judge my perspective is probably different from everyone else including other Giants fans. Joe Judge biggest problem was John Mara. The Giants defense was fine and was the strength of the team, it was the offense that kept the Giants back. Joe Judge wanted to hire Brain Daboll to be his offensive coordinator.  John Mara blocked that and forced to accept Jason Garrett and his stone age offensive game plan from the 90's that sucks in today NFL. Judge wanted to fire Garrett after his first season, John Mara wouldn't let him. Even if Brain Daboll wasn't coming to the Giants even didn't interfere I know Judge would have hired an offensive coach that would have had a modern offensive scheme.

Judge second biggest problem was the GM Dave Gettleman, every first round pick he has made deserve a question mark or an asterisk next to it, his third round picks are graveyard of talent and most(not all) of his key free agent were bust. While I did like what most of Joe Judge tried to do, if he succeeded that would mean Getteman would still be the GM sabotaging this team talent wise.

As for Joe Judge himself, he gave an embarrassing press conference saying how the Giants were not clowns, which only enforced that we were clowns. Then next week he did did the victory formation (I believe twice, I have blocked out that game from my memory) in order to get off a better punt. Between the press conference and using two downs to get off a better punt it was so humiliating to the Giants Mara couldn't keep Joe Judge for a 3rd season after that, which was the right thing to do.



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