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Week 8 GDT - Bears v. "America's Team"


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DAL is the more talented team,  they should win.  

That being said I'm most interested to see if Getsy keeps the gameplan like last week.  If the defense has to account for Fields' legs then it can open up chances to attack through the air.  


Also @dll2000, if we get a 4th down stop,  the "We stopped the terrorists" line will be perfect. Lol


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This game for me is our worst match up of the year...their pass rush is crazy in not just talent but depth and Getsy is going to have to scheme up a lot of quick throws just to keep Fields upright...against our defence even without Zeke Dallas can still run the ball and our run D is still a question mark even with recent improvements...

This is a game I want to get out of healthy and with still seeing some progression but I don't have a ton of faith we are winning.

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I'd just like to mention just how much hated that " America's team" moniker! Almost as much as I hated the close ups of Singletary's eyes and Aikman's teeth🤮

Bad thought for the day.  The only OL starting today that were  considered part of the best 5 at the beginning of the year are Jones , the rookie LT, and Jenkins, the RG that had just converted from tackle and only started practicing at guard a week before the season started.  Good thing these guys were playing musical  chairs in training camp so they have some experience playing with each other.

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