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BDL 2022 Week 8 - Lancaster Werewolves @ Gotham Gashslayers


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BDL 2022 Week 8

Match:  Lancaster Werewolves @ Gotham Gashslayers

 Away Owner: @rackcs

Home Owner: @Daniel @Whicker 

 Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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QB: Jalen Hurts
RB: Miles Sanders
WR: Michael Pittman Jr.
WR: Diontae Johnson
WR: Tyler Boyd
TE: Mike Gesicki
LT: Braxton Jones
LG: Quenton Nelson
C : Drew Dalman
RG: Robert Hunt
RT: Kaleb McGary

RB: AJ Dillon
RB: Tyler Allgeier
WR: Ben Skowronek
WR: Quez Watkins
TE: Greg Dulcich
TE: Chigoziem Okonkwo
OL: Ted Karras
OL: La’el Collins

DE: Bud Dupree
DT: Kenny Clark
DT: Justin Madubuike
DE: John Franklin-Myers
LB: Fred Warner
LB: Malcolm Rodriguez
CB: Jalen Ramsey
CB: Jaire Alexander
CB: Dane Jackson
FS: Minkah Fitzpatrick
SS: Johnathan Abram (Q)

EDGE: Arden Key
EDGE: Julian Okwara
INT: Otito Ogbonnia
INT: Tedarrell Slaton
LB: Willie Gay Jr.
CB: K’Waun Williams
CB: Kindle Vildor
S: Darrick Forrest




QB – Mac Jones
RB – Clyde Edwards-Helaire
WR – Tyreek Hill
WR – Tee Higgins
WR – Christian Kirk
TE – Juwan Johnson
LT – Jake Matthews
LG – Laken Tomlinson
C – Lucas Patrick
RG – Shaq Mason
RT – Jack Conklin

RB – Jeff Wilson
WR – Alec Pierce
WR – Jalen Raegor
WR – Deandre Hopkins
TE – Adam Trautman
OL – Taylor Moton
QB – Jacoby Brissett

RE – Shaq Barrett
DT – Chris Jones
DT – Shelby Harris
LE – Demarcus Lawrence
WLB – Zach Cunningham
MLB – Malik Harrison
SLB – Germaine Pratt
CB – Xavien Howard
CB – Ahmad Gardner
S – Tre'von Moehrig
S – Darnell Savage

Edge – AJ Epenesa
Edge – Arnold Ebiketie
Int – Fletcher Cox
Int – Perrion Winfrey
LB – Jamin Davis
CB – Tyson Campbell
CB – Rock Ya-Sin
S – Terrell Edmund

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Lancaster Offensive Strategy:

This week we luck out against a Gotham defense with a few key injuries that will make things easier on us this week. Nonetheless we want to continue to play to our strengths on offense by utilizing our strong running game. This week we’re going to have Miles Sanders as our starter since we want to better utilize his speed and ability in the passing game. Of course we’re still going to be working in AJ Dillon and Tyler Allgeier plenty in rotation. In the running game we want to use a lot of outside runs, attacking the edges of the Gotham defensive line and forcing their linebackers to make plays. We will still attack inside as well, our offensive line is full of maulers in the run game and we want to wear out the defense by running it a decent amount early. We will also mix in designed quarterback runs and read-option looks to make sure that the defense has to respect Jalen Hurts’ running ability.

We are looking to establish the run early in order to as usual open up the passing game. We want to wear out the defensive line with physical play and force them to respect the run. We want to use a lot of play action and RPO looks in the passing game to give our wide receivers more room to operate. Our main goal this week in the passing game is to seek mismatches. With Xavien Howard out, this Gotham secondary is even thinner than it was before. Their linebackers also aren’t the best in coverage. We want to use some different personnel looks to see who is on the field, then trust Jalen Hurts to identify prime matchups. We will come out in 4 wide looks and see who is lined up against the lower depth corners. We will bring in Dulcich for 2 tight end looks to get mismatches against linebackers. Even in our base packages we will split Mike Gesicki or Miles Sanders out into the slot to get the on linebackers. We think we finally have enough weapons in the passing game now to make this kind of strategy work.

Lancaster Defensive Strategy:

When it comes to the Gotham offense, the main threat is their weapons. Tyreek Hill in particular is a guy who you absolutely have to scheme for or he’ll beat you. Their quarterback and running game don’t particularly scare us so our main goal this week is to contain Tyreek Hill and the other Gotham weapons. Jaire Alexander will cover Tyreek Hill with help over the top from Minkah Fitzpatrick in bracket coverage. Jalen Ramsey will have Tee Higgins and Dane Jackson will cover Christian Kirk. Johnathan Abram will be playing up in the box and will be watching the running back, covering him if he comes out of the backfield, blitzing if he stays in to block, and getting after him if he runs the ball. Juwan Johnson is Gotham’s only healthy tight end this week and we trust Malcolm Rodriguez to be able to cover him. Fred Warner will be playing a jack of all trades role. He will cover the middle of the field, occasionally blitz, occasionally take on Rodriguez or Abram’s coverage responsibilities so that they can blitz. We want to throw in more blitzing this week to make up for injuries we have on the defensive line. Darrick Forrest will also get snaps this week, mainly in obvious passing looks so that we can use him to play 2 high looks where he can come up in the box or play a deep zone. If he’s in and goes back for a deep zone, Warner will take his coverage responsibility. 

While our injuries at defensive end make our lives more difficult at rushing the passer, we have two good interior disruptors. Going up against a Gotham interior that has had some issues this year, we think we can get pressure from the outside to keep Brissett from getting too comfortable in the pocket. Beyond that, as mentioned above, we are blitzing more this week to add more pressure against Brissett. As always we will maintain a strong rotation along our defensive line to keep our guys fresh as we get through the game.






Mac Jones makes his triumphant return to the starting lineup and changes the gameplan.  Luckily, we play to Mac’s strengths, and continue to push our run heavy offense coming off of our narrow victory last week.

Lancaster is strong off the edge, so we plan on focusing our run game between the tackles, as we still believe our OL can have some success there.  Just like last week, we plan on controlling the clock to try and keep the ball out of Hurts’ hands to throw our defense a bone in a tough matchup.
In the passing game, we’re gonna keep it short and over the middle to avoid Minkah Fitzpatrick as much as possible and to pick on Jalen Ramsey, who’s having a rough year.  Tyreek Hill will do his best work running slants and crosses and using that speed to get open across the middle for the bulk of our dink and dunk offense.

That is not to say that we won’t take killshots if Lancaster overcommits to stopping the running game and short passes.  Between Tyreek Hill’s speed and Deandre Hopkins’ ability to win 50/50 balls, we have a safety valve if Lancaster gets way out ahead.

Given the offense we’re facing, we’re going to play call aggressively, going for it on fourth down and trying for two point conversions as often as is reasonably defensible.  This is not a game we win with a conservative offense.

Stopping Jalen Hurts will be difficult, but it’s not impossible.  We expect another pass heavy gameplan from Lancaster, and we plan to stop it with a heavy dose of pass rushing personnel.  Our Edge rotation will be regular, and Chris Jones leads the way inside, but we plan on getting Fletcher Cox a lot more snaps than usual to keep Jones fresh and our foot on the gas for interior pass rush pressure.

LBs again will have Malik Harrison acting as a spy on Hurts to keep him in check, with Zach Cunningham returning to the lineup to act as our bridge in coverage and run defense so Harrison can stay on Hurts and keep him from killing us with his legs.

Our DBs keep things the same, with Sauce moving in coverage, since Lancaster doesn’t have a receiver that can challenge him.  Xavien Howard locks down the other side, and Tyson Campbell coming in a lot on 3 DB packages to lock down their receiver group, and Darnell Savage taking coverage of TEs.

Their run game may have some success as a result, but we stand to do better shutting down their passing game and daring them to beat us with AJ Dillon than to let Jalen Hurts go to town.

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Just now, Blue said:

I don't understand why De'andre Hopkins is on Gotham's bench. Nonetheless, I think Gotham wins in the trenches and takes this with some well-timed big plays from Tyreek Hill.

This is how i was feeling but i was on the fence. If Hopkins was starting opposite Hill, this wouldve been easier.

17-16 Gotham

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Gotham avoids the bracket by running Tyreek primarily underneath. And they want to avoid Minkah anyway so there won’t be so many big plays deep just the methodical moving the ball down the field. As they said they will take their kill shots if Lancaster over commits to stopping the run and looks like Lancaster is focusing its attention on Tyreek so there won’t be over committing to the run and Hopkins is used if Lancaster gets way out ahead but both teams are looking to run heavy and that’s going to eat the clock up in what will be a close game. Gotham miss focused imo on the in between the tackles run game saying Lancaster is strong outside. Well with their current injuries I believe they are stronger inside than outside right now. I think it’s close and a lot of methodical moving the ball down the field but give me Jalen Hurts and his dual threat ability to better execute the Lancaster offense over Gotham and Mac Jones.

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14 minutes ago, wwhickok said:

So if I would have known then what I know now I would have voted differently.

 I cannot in good conscience vote for a team that does not actually have an owner regardless of whether or not that previous owner wrote a game plan.

I am changing my vote officially and verbally to Lancaster

@bcb1213 @RedGold @Jlash  @SirA1

 I'm talking to people because I don't know who does the standings but I'm Trying to make sure  that it should get done right

Foolish thing to do. They turned in a gameplan and you voted for it. That should be the end of the story.

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2 minutes ago, rackcs said:

I don't get the OL complaints at this point. None of my OL have been bad this season, they've all been average or above average. I get that the unit as a whole is not a strength but it's really not a weakness anymore.

 I don't think I can complain about your offensive line and I'm not suggesting you specifically talking to me, I look at your defense and don't give me wrong you still have a very good defense but if I was going to point an area out where I feel like you have been weakened to no fault of your own it's there Due to injuries

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