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2023 Half Time Mock


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1 minute ago, AZBearsFan said:

Lol. Jerry days Zeke is their starter now when he’s healthy. Probably cuz he’s paying him a metric **** ton this year for the return he’s getting. I think all that changes come mid-March. 

Possibly...I just feel Jerry loves Zeke as a guy as much as anything else...he always has his back no matter what...not sure I see that changing but it will be really interesting to see...the RB FA & draft class as a whole is really deep and I expect to see multiple guys in different spots.

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Hmmm... I guess I didn't submit my comment before. 


Big fan of the Bradbury and Jenkins moves. Jenkins scares me as a RT because he has been so off this season but as a G he has top end athleticism. I've been a staunch advocate for OTs converting to OGs to have better talent and athleticism on the inside. Center is simply a huge need and while I haven't seen much of him he at least raises the floor dramatically. Contract would be more important to me for Bradbury than Jenkins.  

Campbell wasn't a big target to me unless he is setting up better depth. 

Pollard would be a really good signing if he hits FA. Fields needs to have a better receiver out of the backfield and Pollard isn't one dimensional like Cohen was. 

Payne, Yannick, and Green would be a massive boost to the DL. Green might get a surprising contract this offseason. With having back to back seasons of 8 or more sacks (I'm assuming he gets 3 more over the course of the season) I think he will get more attention. 

Been a Ya-Sin fan since pre-draft. He was tough a hell in man then and still is sticky in coverage. 

Obviously I was a fan of Jerrett and Gilbert  lol 

Haven't watched a lot of ND but Foskey looks like a sprinter on the edge and get get low around the corner. That alone makes him a hell of a prospect. 

Halin looks like DeSean Jackson 2.0 lately. I was toying with him in my mock but couldn't figure out where to put him. Honestly he reminds me of Will Fuller when I see him. Just has another gear most don't when he is on the go. 

IDK the other 3 at all but position and traits work damn well for me. 


Really like this one. Good work Mike. 

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