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D.J. Moore just immortalized himself as 'Athlete Celebrating Too Early'


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Yeah, read the title. I mean, we've all seen many youtube videos of athletes celebrating early, but this takes the cake. All the fool had to do was keep his helmet on. I think no matter what he has done before this moment, or for the rest of his career (or life) the only thing D.J. Moore will be remembered by is that knucklehead moment (after he made an amazing catch) when he, inexplicably, took his helmet off (knowing full well this is a penalty) and basically handed the Falcons a chance to win in overtime. I have been watching NFL football since the mid 1980's, and this is possibly the most boneheaded thing I have EVER seen. He will live in YouTube 'Athletes Celebrating Early' videos for eternity, and rightfully so. Talk about infamy...

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