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Week 9 Gameday Thread - Green Bay Packers (3-5) at Detroit Lions (1-6)


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9 minutes ago, Malfatron said:

Packers win 34-14

Nobody was happy about this

If we win it's going to be closer than that.  Detroit is out to get win no. 2 and we haven't beaten them by double digits at their place since 2011.

Having said that ... if we lose this game our season will be one game away from being done.  I mean, not technically, but we'd be 3-6, and I don't see any way we get in without beating one of Dallas or Philly.  Don't think we'd have to beat them both, but we have to take one.  Because then at 3-8 we'd definitely be done, no run the table would come at that point.

So ... if a close win shows this team is fighting for its playoff life, I'll take it.  But anything short of that ... pack it in we're done.

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Just going to be Captain Obvious here.  

We are going on the road to face a possibly up and coming team.  One that has a very solid o-line and one that can score points.

We are a declining team that is missing most of it's WR's.  And even with said WR's we can't score more than 27 points.

This sets up to be a devastating loss.  It's going to look like a playoff game.  Destroyed in the first half.  Stats will look okay because with a huge lead, the Lions will give up passing yards and a few scores.  But at the end of the day, it's a 9 point game to Detroit.

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