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Why did the NFL finally screw the Cowboys this year?


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I see a road game @Minn right before Thanksgiving. When was the last time we've seen a road game prior to Thanksgiving, no less @Minn???

There is also an additional Thursday night game on the road in Tennessee late in the year. The Thursday night game usually goes one week after Thanksgiving, but they gave it to NE this year following their Thanksgiving game. Now Bill gets the preferential treatment with a mediocre club?

So what's the rhyme and reason for finally screwing your number one draw? With this schedule, I think we will fall to the 6th or 7th seed at best or miss the playoffs entirely if GB or Wash somehow surge in the second half.

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Or maybe Jerry didn't wave his fingers at the offices to set up Mike to fail, and set things up for Peyton in 23'. Something obviously changed this year, or some email was sent by Cowboy haters to change the preferential treatment we've rightfully earned based on the ratings.

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