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Very curious what positions...


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Tomlin and Khan target with limited picks in the next draft.

I always am, of course, but with limited picks, I'm curious where they genuinely see the biggest needs
on a team that seems like it needs help just about everywhere. 

Do they rebuild the O-line completely?

Do the go trench heavy on both sides?

Do they spend on the defensive spine (DT, ILB, SS)?

I know there's likely significant cap room and (my hope) a new offensive coordinator,
but it's about as critical a draft Tomlin will ever enter, with very limited draft capital. 

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no idea what they would do.  Perhaps start by realizing and addressing their rank in the rushing attack and defence.  Near bottom of the league there so lots to repair.


of interest should be:


trade Harris, Johnson and bush

get proven vet CB1 , Edge reserve that might be older but still good

get proven vet OL (PICK ANY  SPOT ON THE OL?) 

Draft for depth but also OL and RB  RD1 or RD2

However, RB can be had in UFA as well as trades for decent cap/draft capital, so keep that in mind

Get value at WR3 with a vet that has good leadership and hands. Unlike our vet WR1 in case people don't see that as important. 

Evans ILB UFA and Jack would be good for ILB. 

Sadly the OL will be a weakness and that also takes a while to rebuild. Dotson was better last year than this year, so will he regress again next year? Chuks is a reserve.  The others are serviceable , and with a good OL coach it could be decent perhaps but with Harris the run game will suffer anyways. They did appear decent with Warren though and thats a good/top tier front in the Eagles that Warren did well against. 

If they make the wrong decisions, next season will be worse if you can imagine that. Keep canada and find out


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