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DB coach Aubrey Pleasant fired


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17 minutes ago, Nnivolcm said:

Here's the list of QBs we've faced over the last 4 games:

The ghost of Aaron Rodgers

Justin Fields

Daniel Jones

Josh Allen with an injured elbow


The defense has seemed to turn around a bit since the firing, but we've also faced some pretty poor QB play for most of the month. 

Some of the QBs we faced when we were on pace to set records for worst defense ever:

Carson Wentz

Kirk Cousins

Geno Smith

Mac Jones

Dak fresh off of an injury


Also Fields and Jones have been pretty good this year and those two with Allen are all mobile QBs.  Even Aaron Rodgers who is a shell of himself has 9 Ints on the year and we have 3 of them.  So I wouldn't knock our defense for playing less talent when we those guys have been eating others up most of the year and 2 of them are on teams that are top 8 in the league record wise.  Plus our defense in that time faced Saquan Barkely (15 carries for 22 yards), along with Aaron Jones and Dillon (20 carries for 59 yards). So we have had success against good teams and good players. 

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I pointed it out in another thread but it bears repeating:  The biggest improvements that have happened occurred when we moved on from "experienced" coaches.  The offense took a big step forward last year when Dan Campbell and Ben Johnson started steering the offense.  Our defense took a big step forward when we let Aubrey Pleasant go.  Weird.

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1 hour ago, Louis Friend said:

Lions DVOA numbers for the entire season thus far:

13th overall (!!!)

9th on offense (12th in passing, 10th in rushing)

19th on defense (17th in passing, 25th in rushing)




6TH ON DEFENSE (!!!!!!!!!)

Jeremy Reisman is that you? 😉

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52 minutes ago, Louis Friend said:

Season to date Week 15 DVOA rankings:

Overall: 9th!!!! (up 3)

Offense: 6th (up 1)
 - Pass O: 9th (no change)
 - Run O: 12th (down: 2)

Defense: 22nd (up 2) 
 - Pass 😧 23rd (down 2)
 - Run 😧 19th (up 4)

That's decent progress. At the end of the day we're still playing short on talent in the secondary. 

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