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Week 9 GDT: Thursday Night Football Philly @ Houston


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I’d imagine about 6-8 people will be in attendance. Not 6-8 thousand, but 6-8 total. 

In all honesty, I expect a crowd of less than 10,000 for this one. Maybe even a crowd of less than 5,000. This is what happens when a TNF game falls on a critical World Series game involving the Astros.

I’m 100% missing this game - lmk how it goes.

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32 minutes ago, lumberjackchris said:

Activate Camp and get him and Johnson some reps!

I think Cooks is being ridiculous because he knew exactly what he was signing up for, but if what was keeping him happy was Easterby, then Caserio should have never redone his deal 6 months ago. It was reported that Easterby was already on the outs as early as January according to McClain, so Caserio should have picked up on that. “Cooks’ guy isn’t going to be here in 2023, so maybe it doesn’t make sense to fully guarantee his salary in 2023 and ruin his potential trade market?”

Prior to the extension, Cooks was on a really team friendly deal and they could have easily gotten a 2nd round pick for him. Had they traded him on Tuesday could have gotten a 4th round pick to at least salvage something, but instead it looks like Cooks will become more unnecessary dead money just like Cunningham, Mercilus, and Lawson before him. I would get keeping Cooks if the offers weren’t good enough to leave Mills shorthanded at WR the rest of the year, but that’s assuming that Cooks would continue to play. Instead, now they get no benefits and still leave Mills shorthanded with Phillip Dorsett as his WR1. It’s just a lose-lose situation all around.

Also, if Cooks really wanted out he could have restructured his deal and given up some guarantees next year. These fake Easterby “culture” guys are truly the worst.  

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57 minutes ago, Blaze said:

Nobody cares that Cooks mad. Still, Texans look even more poorly run with yet another player complaining and sitting out games, and still getting paid.

Nah, Cooks is the one looking unprofessional.


If he wanted to get traded bad enough he would have reworked his deal or voided some money.

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On 11/2/2022 at 5:07 AM, Pastor Dillon said:

This could actually be a Texans win.

Interesting stat; two football teams playing the same day as their baseball counterparts are playing in the World Series has happened about five times. In those instances, the city that won the football game… is 1-4 in the World Series.













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1 hour ago, Blaze said:

Nobody cares that Cooks mad. Still, Texans look even more poorly run with yet another player complaining and sitting out games, and still getting paid.

Yeah, I don’t agree the Texans look bad on this one - the Texans made a business decision based on their salary cap situation and chose to not trade Cooks (probably because the compensation was not worth the cap hit that would come from it). 

Cooks, on the other hand? He looks like a petulant child in this entire ordeal. He signed an extension that paid him a good chunk of money, you heard no real complaints from anyone until Jack gets fired - now suddenly he’s disgruntled and wants another trade out of another franchise (this would be team four trading him away, too - New Orleans, New England and LA Rams have already dealt him). Nowhere did he make any concessions to money or restructure his deal in any way meaningful - he wanted the benefit of the extension without the restrictions of an extension (notably, how he can’t really be traded). Also - isn’t Cooks contradicting himself from last offseason when he said he DIDN’T want to be traded?

Wait until the start of the offseason, tell him he has to restructure his deal to lessen the financial responsibilities for the Texans, then get rid of him. Doesn’t matter who or where at that point.

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