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Bears trade for Chase Claypool


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4 minutes ago, beardown3231 said:

Seems like a steep price

I was wrong, as I wasnt thinking about Claypool as a possibility, and was thinking about the guys on winning teams that were being talked about

But Im not sure I love this move. First of all it better be the Ravens pick, because while I like the talent of Claypool, hes no where near some of the guys that were talked about (Evans, Ridley, maybe equal to Juedy)

Might need this one to sink in

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1 minute ago, CBears019 said:

So essentially we trade Roquan for claypool, Klein, and a 5th.

It absolutely had to be that pick.

Its unlikely we would have gotten someone, especially a WR, with the proven talent that Claypool has with that draft pick. 

It is tough that we only have 1.5 seasons for that pick, but its technically 2.5 if we had to use the Franchise Tag

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Is Claypool an elite WR? No…does he much like Fields have some traits that can’t be taught and you need to become an elite player? Yes…he is 24 years old…6-5” 228lbs with length, speed & can jump out the gym…this is exactly the type of athlete Poles & co seem to be targeting…straight up for a mid to late round 2 pick I am not sure how much more we could ask for…

I guess the way I look at this is a 2nd round pick for Claypool or use a top 10-15 pick on Quinton Johnson? Give me Claypool.

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6 minutes ago, CBears019 said:

So essentially we trade Roquan for claypool, Klein, and a 5th.

I like it. 

Was going to be hard to get a better 'proven' player so to speak in the offseason without having to spend lots of money. 

As of now I can't think of a better FA receiver who we might have a shot at..maybe Lazard or Juju Smith Schuster? But even then I think Claypool has more upside than either of those two guys

At the very least this gives Fields a big and fast target to throw to and on cheap control for the next 1.5 seasons 

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