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Bears trade for Chase Claypool


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2 minutes ago, dll2000 said:

Packer's fans - we want Claypool!

Bears get him -   Claypool was a worthless bum.  We got lucky.

I said same thing when I thought Packers were going to draft Pickens.  If they got him I was going to be like:  Ticking time bomb head case.

If we got him I was going to be like - bully boy stud.


Sour grapes, their misery is just beginning....

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44 minutes ago, Bigbear72 said:

Only one. People need to keep that perspective in mind. Additionally, keep in mind who has been the QB there when you consider his production. Let’s see how it plays out. At worst he is a legit No. 2.


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Posted about doing this last night. Didn’t include Claypool amongst those I listed because as far as being proven he’s a tier below those guys. Move makes a ton of sense, and if it had to be the higher of the two picks then it is what it is. Have to assume the BAL pick was the 2nd best offer so we needed to sweeten the deal. Unfortunately paying a premium is more of the downside of poor drafting by the prior regime. Make no mistake though - a move like this is a statement by the FO in support of JF1 moving forward. 

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He’s got a lot of the same stuff about him as what most of us liked about Pickens during draft season. Nasty play demeanor including as a run blocker. Elite physical tools. Downfield ability. Red zone ability. A good portion of the forum wanted to use a 2 on Claypool two years ago. Now we’re doing so with more of an established floor of what he is while his long term potential (he’s only 24) remains sky high, and given what we gave up to get him you’d think he’s going to get every chance to grow into a top receiving option for us. 

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