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NCAA Basketball Thread (2023-24)


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Kevin Willard has done a phenomenal job in year 1 at Maryland.

Picked to finish 10th in the conference, currently tied for 3rd and unless we see a monumental collapse down the stretch, we’ll be making the tournament with a bunch of holdovers and last minute transfers. Can’t wait to see what he does the next few years 

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35 minutes ago, agarcia34 said:

It never not amazes me how bad Tennessee offense is at times. 

20 minutes 19 points… Does Rick Barnes know how to teach offense? Just terrible sets all 1h. 

Cannot wait to fade Tennessee in the tournament. 2nd round exit loading up

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2 hours ago, 11sanchez11 said:

Kansas goes from down 13 to up in 5 minutes 

Insane 2nd half team. Self might be the best halftime adjustment coach in the country. They did the same thing vs UNC last year in the Natty. Down 15 at half and I'm pretty sure they got the lead before the under 12 media timeout in the 2nd half.

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