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GDT - 9 - The Colts Come to Town


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11 minutes ago, 1ForTheThumb said:

OL is our biggest need going into next year.

Agreed, the odds of them taking a position other than OT in the first round feels insane at this point. I could see them doing something similar to what the Seahawks did last this season.  Take your LT of the future in the first, then grab your RT of the future early day 3. The Patriots will have multiple 4th round picks which helps them in this regard too. 


1st Round -> LT

4th Round -> RT


That formula then gives you an immediate starter and someone to rotate with Trent for a year then take over for them in year 2. 


LT -> Broderick Jones (1st)

LG -> Cole Strange

C -> David Andrews / Kody Russey

RG -> Michael Onwenu / Chasen Hines

RT -> Trent Brown / 4th round OT / Andrew Stueber 


This is all assuming Cajuste doesn't have a good enough second half of the season for them to hold off on grabbing a RT. He played better than I expected yesterday ( not that that's saying much)

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3 hours ago, Crimmage said:

taking a position other than OT in the first round feels insane at this point.

I would of said the opposite same thing with a OG.  What I'm trying to say is don't count on it. BB has a history of NOT picking our biggest need. One year TE +need nothing, next +WR nothing.

Matter of fact we needed in the last draft DL and LB ... nothing !!!!!

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