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Is Tyreek Hill the Best Receiver in Football?


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Absolutely.  I think because of his lack of prototypical size and/or his game being predicated on speed, a lot of people didn't want to call him the best.  But I've said for years that no WR forces a defense to change up like Tyreek does.  He has always been crazy good.  Almost unbelievable that the Chiefs had him and Mahomes at the same time.  Not sure how many QB-WR combos in history complemented each other as well as those two did.

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4 hours ago, CP3MVP said:

2.)Is this gonna be the best season ever for a WR? What about Kupp Last year? Randy Moss in 2007?

I suppose this depends on how you feel about touchdowns. They are somewhat random, but if he only has 7-8 touchdowns this year (he only has 3 right now), does that keep him from the top? That would make his season very similar to Calvin Johnson's 2012 or Julio's 2015.   Kupp had 16 last year while averaging 8 yards less per game. Rice had 15 averaging 7 less yards per game in 1995.  Moss in 07 had 23 TDs, but only 1500 yards . 



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Yes. Literally all he had to prove for any doubters was what he could do without Mahomes/Reid, and he's shown to be just as elite as he ever was. He's a hall of famer, one of the best WRs of all-time, and the best in the NFL right now. It's a shame that he left, but honestly, it might be the best thing that could've happened for both his and Mahomes's legacies lol.

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