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Future of Daron Payne


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5 hours ago, offbyone said:

I understand what you are saying, but we can't make decisions on what might be.  We have to make the decision on what we know.  And we know Payne is an elite player and Mathis is a complete unknown.  I hope Mathis ends up being better than Payne.  But at this point, Mathis doesn't count for diddly squat in the equation.  

In terms of Payne's deal, we definitely could have expected him to sign Allen's deal or likely a bit cheaper this offseason.  But that is done and dusted now.  Allen's deal is old and Payne is in the driver's seat because we were asleep at the wheel.  I would say add 10% or more.  We screwed this up, now we have to pay.

We absolutely could have traded Kirk.  But tag and trading a guard or dline, especially in the second year of the tag is very very unlikely.  The odds are against that working.  Tag and trade is rarely successful not on a qb and even less successful in season 2 of the franchise tag.

Just pay him.  Let Sweat walk.  Sweat is good, but not great and is benefiting greatly from Payne and Allen in front of him.  I would trade Sweat.

I’m actually fine with that. I thought in 2020 that Sweat would break out and be a double digit sack guy but it hasn’t happened that being said he’s great against the run & one of the the league leaders in QB pressures. Sweat benefited from having Chase on the opposite side of him too, it’s a reason why Sweat had 5 sacks the first half of last year. Chase would generate pressure & QBs would move in the pocket towards Sweat’s side.

Paying Payne & trading Sweat does make sense but I’d only do it if Chase has a good season next year/proves he’s back.  There are always teams that need pass rushers, I can think of several off the top of my head right now of that will in a year or 2 as their edge rushers are getting old.

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