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Wk 11 - Snowpocalypse is CANCELLED - Shuffling off from Buffalo


Who ya got?  

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  1. 1. How much apathy do you have about this week's game?

    • I'll be glued to the TV
    • Josh Allen is dreamy
    • Joe Woods gets to ride in a barrel over Niagra Falls at 5:00 Sunday afternoon
    • When does the "Walking Dead" finale come on again?
    • Kiwi.....because he carried the forum last weekend
    • Going to harvest my last two stalks of brussel sprouts this week.
  2. 2. Who wins?

    • Bills
    • Bills, but by more
    • See Choice 2, but add even more
    • Browns SHOCK the world.....and us too

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Well, we are past the halfway point of this season...

thank god singing GIF by WE tv

to say things haven't gone as planned would be problematic.

Robert Mueller GIF by GIPHY News

This club is, quite fankly, mortally wounded for 2022....

terry gilliam film GIF

OK, maybe not mortally wounded, but we've got to damn near run the table to have a shot at the post season.

Jim Mora Playoffs GIF

Heck, even the upstart Cavs have dropped 4 in a row.

Maybe it is something in the water?

Happy Hour Smile GIF

We're back on the road in the NFL's version of the upside down

Stranger Things Dart GIF by Fanmio

going from Miami to Buffalo.  Imagine what that can do to someone's 

Confused Night Out GIF by grown-ish

Who do we get to face?

That's right.....

Josh Allen Hello GIF by Buffalo Bills

He's dropped two in a row as well, and he's going to be pi$$ed.

He ain't got time for us......

National Football League GIF by Buffalo Bills

but if we don't get a win this week,

I Mean Episode 18 GIF by Friends


Exit Strategy Bai GIF

Of course, after this one, we've got 

dc comics superman GIF by Morphin

coming to Cleveland one last time.  

Perhaps he could get to town a few days early, and find a new friend at the 

Brandon Scott Jones Ghosts GIF by CBS

Fortunately for us, after that we get to welcome 

Bored Tv Show GIF by GBH


(That's DW for those of you who didn't watch "Arthur" with your kids.)

But how excited will he actually be.  He's had 3 months of being all kinds of knotted up inside.

Hopefully he comes back after getting the massage message from the league to not screw up like this again.

While I am firmly convinced that this 

Hot Mess Trainwreck GIF by GIPHY News

isn't going to get better, I've got to be honest that I won't be shocked if this team teases us and comes out and beats the Bills in Orchard Park.

Im Not Joe Biden GIF by GIPHY News

Donald Trump Al Smith Dinner GIF by Election 2016

I Think Dianatrout GIF by YoungerTV

Browns and Bills 1:00 p.m. Orchard Park New York

Discuss (or don't)


Put your "hot hands" packets away for another week.  Now we're going to be "chilling" in Detroit.  

Anyone heading to Ford Field to watch the Browns get a victory? 


Yeah, I know.  We're probably going to get thumped.  But we have to be a bit optimistic, don't we?


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Not sure how interested I am in this game (as I turned off yesterday's with 8 minutes left......[never done that before])....

but I am announcing a Division II Region 6 final matchup between Toledo Central Catholic and Avon this Friday night.  Fortunately, our heating system in our press box works extraordinarily well, as it is going to be CHILLY.  We had TCC at our place last week (and typically don't get a team playing on back to back weeks at the same place), and they handled Medina Highland.  Unfortunately for Highland, they lost their QB early in the 1st quarter.

Bored on Friday night?  Head over to Perkins High School in Sandusky.  


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Glad to see TCC playing well and having a shot at another state title.  I wonder how things will work for them going forward. They are moving to a league that is catholic schools in Toledo and around Detroit. So points will be interesting. 

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2 hours ago, brownie man said:

I’m actually going to say we win this one. 

Buffalo doesn’t have any sort of a consistent run game. 

I think If the corners come to play we can at least contain Buffalo. We beat them last time we played even if that was years ago. 

Browns 26 Bills 23 

Neither did LAC or Miami and they both ran all over us.

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