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Mrs. B should mimic her Pelicans success with Saints


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It was a terrible time to be a Pelicans fan… the team was floundering and superstar Anthony Davis was yet another franchise player demanding a one way ticket out of NOLA.


Mrs. B’s Pelicans were at a crossroads.


Mrs. B now in full control with the counsel of longtime family friend and President of Football and Basketball operations Dennis Lauscha at her side sought out basketball executive minds to help her structure her organization for the best possible chance for sustained success in a small market.


The result:


Mickey Loomis, who was operating as both EVP/GM was removed completely from basketball operations. His two duties were then split between two brilliant basketball minds.


First… Benson hired David Griffin as Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations to spearhead the complete overhaul of the organization. Griffin was viewed as a proven executive with a bright basketball mind with a similar upcoming in the sport that Mickey Loomis had in football. Griffins first order of business was to hire a new General Manager.


Second… Griffin hired Trajon Landgon as the Pelicans new GM. A former player in the league and Scout for the Spurs, Landgon had proven his ability with the New Jersey Nets as a bright young eye for talent and a pure basketball mind.


From there these two went on to build one of the more exciting young teams in all of the NBA with a focus on building through the draft and developing talent.


Not all has gone seamlessly however… their first coaching hire was to keep then head coach Alvin Gentry onboard as he was seen as a good man with a wealth of knowledge who was dealt a bad hand under the previous regime. That turned out to be a mistake. They then hired Stan Van Gundy who was thought to bring in a more disciplined approach for a young roster and that ended up as a complete failure.


The difference however was that when Griffin and Langdon realized their mistake, they didn’t allow their ego or pride to dilute what their eyes were telling them and they abruptly fired Van Gundy after only one season as their head coach. Entering the 2020 offseason, they knew they needed to get this coaching hire right. They invested endless resources and finally choose Suns assistant Willie Green who’s gone on to become one of the NBA brightest young head coaches.


David Griffin turned a disgruntled asset in Anthony Davis into a treasure trove of draft capitol that the organization is still benefiting from and will many years into the future. Langdon helped Griffin turn those assets into viable talent on the field with his scouting ability and the right head coach who can connect and lead players brought it all together.


Now Mrs. B's Saints find themselves at a crossroads…


Mrs. B need look no further than her own success to replicate.


In business its important to surround yourself with people you trust, this is why of you look at the front office executive branch for both the Saints and Pelicans your going to see a lot of redundant names. Dennis Lauscha as team President for example. Greg Bensel, Ed Lang, Vicky Neumeyer, etc.


The one part of the Saints hierarchy that differs from the Pelicans however is once again Mickey Loomis's position. The same position Loomis was removed from with the Pelicans, he holds with the Saints still. Loomis is still both Executive Vice President and General Manager. Those in the know around the organization understand that Mickey Loomis has more on his plate than this. Hes seen now by Mrs B as an equal to Dennis Lauscha in many ways and Mrs B takes counsel from Loomis as well in all affairs.


The Saints deserve to have a power structure that is 100% committed to the on-field success of the football team.


Mrs. B would be wise to follow her blueprint she set with the Pelicans here with the Saints as a clear rebuild is on the horizon. She needs to strip the General Manager duties from Mickey Loomis and restructure the Saints hierarchy similarly to what she did with the Pelicans. Loomis should remain on as simply the Executive Vice President of football operations (much like David Griffin with the Pelicans) and she should promote in house candidate Jeff Ireland to acting General Manager. As with Langdon with the Pelicans, Ireland would report to Loomis but Ireland would have final say in the day to day football operations as far as how the team is rebuilt moving forward. Like Langdon, Ireland is a proven scout with years of experience. He’s proven to have a great eye for talent during his time with the Saints and he believes in the same principles of building through the draft like Griffin and Langdon do.


Ireland should also have the full autonomy to fire the current coaching staff this offseason and correct the mistake that was clearly made with the hiring of Dennis Allen and clinging onto a dying culture. Allow Ireland to go out with the counsel of Loomis and find the next young Willie Green for the Saints. Allow them both to try and turn the rights to former head coach Sean Payton (our best tradeable asset) into the best treasure trove of draft picks possible. Start the process of rebuilding this salary cap with the help of cap wizard Kahi Hartley and allow Ireland to do what he does best and that’s full this team with young talent.




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20 hours ago, SWATcha said:

Great read @whodatworm23. Thank you. We can only hope Mrs B does something along these lines. I've been pounding the table for Ireland for a couple years now. I was legit pissed in the off-season when I heard there was a chance Ireland could be hired as a GM for another franchise. 

Agreed... look no further than this past draft.


Regardless if you agreed with the trade at the time (which was Loomis decision anyways) but they made it and placed tremendous pressure on Ireland to hit on those top 3 picks.


Ireland deliverd a scouting report that placed Olave as the drafts top WR in a deep class... he was spot on IMO. In the 2nd round his grade on Taylor (who most had as a 3rd rounder at best) taken in the top 50 and he looks like he has the makings of a great versatile NFL DB. 


If Penning comes back and proves to be a franchise LT and realizes his immense potential, Ireland would have hit on ALL 3 of those picks under that pressure.


The guys eye for talent is unreal... one of the best I've seen. I know he had misteps in Miami in the past but I belive in Irelands ability to keep talented players pouring into the Saints via the draft, he would need someone like Loomis as an overseer EVP like David Griffin is to be the calming influence to Irelands emotional competitive demoner.

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