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Panthers @ Ravens game discussion


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13 hours ago, AFlaccoSeagulls said:

Again, I think my point is that we just don't know what Duvernay presents as a deep threat because I haven't seen Lamar even give him opportunities to make plays. When he has given him opportunities, especially this year, I've seen Duvernay come through more often than not.

But to @DreamKid point about Lamar preferring separation, I think this point about the success Duv has deep is sort of a selective bias.

If Lamar prefers to target a receiver with separation and Duv has had success on the limited attempts that were thrown to him- with getting the necessary separation, then that doesn’t mean more than Lamar is simply getting the ball to the wide open man; it doesn’t also mean that Duvernay is consistently getting open when used as a deep threat. It could mean that, but that conclusion would be based in a selective bias.

I mean I’m not a all-22 tape watcher, but when I’ve seen him run routes deep, I’m not often seeing separation like I would see with, for example, Hollywood Brown last season.

What’s more if Duvernay were consistently getting open on deep routes and with how much bias there’s been over the years against Lamar the passer, I have a hard time believing that someone wouldn’t already have film videos up of Lamar consistently missing Duvernay deep. So if we’re going to be assuming I just think it’s more reasonable to assume that Duvernay has just not elevated his route running to the level that would make him a great deep threat. Though he’s still a playmaker either way.

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