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is Stefon Diggs a top 5 WR in the league?


is Stefon Diggs a top 5 WR in the league?   

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  1. 1. is Stefon Diggs a top 5 WR in the league?

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Yup. There isn't a big enough gap between Tyreek/Davante/Diggs/Jefferson/Kupp to say one is definitely better than the other, imo. They are all capable of being the best WR any given week. D Hop too now that he's healthy again.

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Yeah, I think you have to put Diggs over Chase atm due to consistency. Bills don't have great receivers this season, he's been getting lots of attention, and is still producing. He can also play out of the slot and outside, which is becoming a big trend in the evolving NFL.

I (almost) want to say I'd prefer Diggs over Kupp, but I always forget that Kupp is also one of the best run-blocking WRs in the game, so it's close.

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21 hours ago, mdonnelly21 said:

I dont' have him in mine... 

#1. Hill

#2. Jefferson

#3. Kupp

#4. Chase

#5. Adams 

He's awfully close to Adams though. 

I would put him above Chase as well in my top 5. I think Chase is more boom or bust (which is ironic because I also feel Diggs is very boom or bust), but they're very close.

Once you get past the obvious top 3 of Hill/Jefferson/Kupp, I think a lot of the next 4-5 guys are interchangeable really.

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