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Week 12: Ravens @ Jags


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Jags are 3-7 coming off their bye. On paper an easy win, but this team refuses to make anything easy. Still no complete game from both sides of the ball this season across a full 60 minutes. So, expect nothing.

- Calais returns to Jax

- Ojabo debut?

- Kolar debut?

- No Marcus Williams yet, Stanley out, Kyle Hamilton prolly out

- D-Jax?

Mysteries Abound................

Go Ravens.

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Hopefully the Ravens continue on the win train. The Jags won't be an easy out, but hopefully, LJ8 puts them out anyway. And why aren't they wearing the "Business as Usual" on the road? I need to have a sit down with Coach Harbs.

White/Black OR White/Purple (everyone loves this colorway now) - Road

Purple/Black - Prime Home games /One early game

Black/Black - Primetime NFL version of Homecoming/Biggest Rival/Playoff implication game

Then you throw in all the other random colors (Color rush, black/white, white/white, etc)

Anyway, Ravens 30 - Jags 20

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Harbaugh doesn’t typically have a good track record with the Jags, but I feel Lamar has a good track record of balling out in Florida.

So if Lamar balls out and with this defense playing the way it does, I’m confident that we can do well enough to get the victory.

These coaches should be familiar with each other as well both being under the Reid coaching tree IIRC.

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