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Week 12: Ravens @ Jags


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Just now, baltimoreRebel said:

That 4th and 1 call was something else.. Lol

Looked like they didn’t have a lot of time. The bigger issue was to not call a TO in such a pivotal situation. I blame Harbaugh there.

We should go for it on 4th and inches, but we could’ve either called a TO or requested the refs to have the sticks go out there for a proper measurement of the spot to buy time for a playcall.

We literally broke the huddle at 8 seconds, it was foolish to just not burn a TO.

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5 minutes ago, baltimoreRebel said:

Lamar can't throw beyond 30 yards this year. It's almost embarrassing 

Yeah this is his worst passing year since 2018 imo. Hasn’t looked consistently good at all outside of a half here or a half there. Seems like he’s back to not throwing to anyone if Andrews is covered...I thought he turned a corner after TB/NO games but he’s back to how he was playing before that

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Not that we’ll do anything but got to love Jacksonville burning the clock.

It went from 10 seconds left after the field goal kick, to suddenly 9 seconds.

It went from 6 seconds at the refs whistle of the tackle to suddenly 4 seconds. Hopefully it doesn’t impact the game later.

Unless the TV broadcast is just that off.

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