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Week Conference Championship Thread: AP Top 4 (Georgia, Michigan, TCU, USC)


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In the relevant games, I like all four favorites. LSU ends the season as the best (and highest ranked as per SEC tradition) 4-loss team in America (pre-bowl matchup).

1. UM

2. UGA

3. TCU

4. USC

UGA over UM in the championship, however the matchups this week go and seedings look thereafter.

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The most straightforward thing to happen would be teams winning their way into the playoffs. So if the favored teams win tonight and tomorrow, there would seem to be a straightforward playoff. If there’s a loss, and Ohio State makes it, they will have backed their way in like Bama and UGA have in the past. On the flipside, both of those teams went on to win the national championship. Still, it feels wrong. Ohio State doesn’t really deserve to be in it, but obviously I will root for Utah tonight. I think USC will probably win by multiple scores and Caleb Williams will get about 95% of the first place votes for Heisman. 
Tldr Georgia is going to win at all no matter what the 4 teams look like.

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