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Resign them or no?


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All FAs in 2023

Byron Pringle 

Riley Reiff 

N. Morrow

A. Blackson

N. Harry

R. Griffin

D. Houston-Carson

P. Scales

M. Adams

D. Cruikshank

D. Dozier

M. Schofield

M. Pennel

D. Pettis

J. Thomas

T. Charlton

D. Montgomery

K. Blasingame

E. St. Brown

Justin Layne

S. Mustipher

Javin White

T. Wesco

J. Blackwell

D. Eislen

A. Watts




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Me (quickly):  

N. Harry - 1 year deal.   

R. Griffin - Would take him as a 3rd or 4th TE

D. Houston-Carson - Might as well.   Same deal as always.

P. Scales - who cares.  I guess.  

D. Montgomery - YES.  You need D. Montgomery's.   No one is offering him huge money.   Give him a middling deal.  

K. Blasingame - Yes

E. St. Brown - 1 year minimum deal.  

A. Blackson 1 year minimum deal (you need bodies and at his best he isn't bad and can hold LOS). 

D. Eislen - Yes.  I think he can be a fringe starter or a decent back up given proper chance.  Good athlete with power.  

A. Watts - Probably cut him in camp, but you can bring him back to compete.  A one gap penetrator who doesn't do it all that well.

P.S.   Try to extend Mooney now while he is hurt.   Give him a fair deal, but don't pay him like a star.  Like Montgomery you need guys like him on your team.





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Right now, this is all I am keeping...all on 1 year deals...probably offer Monty a little more to keep his contract to a 1 or 2 year maximum.

David Montgomery
Khari Blasingame
Equanimeous St. Brown
Ryan Griffin
Trevon Wesco
Matthew Adams
DeAndre Houston-Carson
Patrick Scales
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I wouldn’t mind seeing monty back. There are so many rbs potentially available in free agency that his value might be highest with us. Rbs getting paid decently and being valued higher came back around and I think that time is over. So a low offer should do, he’s just a guy to split carries with. I don’t see Dallas letting Pollard walk but would it be gluttonous to want all three?

I honestly don’t know if I care about retaining any of the receivers. Would another year in the same system show a noticeable improvement for any of them? Are any of them worthy of being a 4 or 5? We have the most to lose from Harry not being worthy of retaining, hope to see more of him before season’s end to justify the conversation. Also slightly disappointed in Pettis solely cause I liked him in college and his first year I think in SF but he has only done what was expected. St Brown played a bit better than expected at times because I don’t think he belongs in the nfl, but he still doesn’t belong in the nfl. 

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As a preface everyone I say I would re sign would be a short term deal, and almost everyone would be as depth with hopefully someone brought in as the starter.

Byron Pringle - Yes, i think he can be decent depth

Riley Reiff - Yes, vet depth

N. Morrow - Yes

A. Blackson - No

N. Harry - No

R. Griffin - No

D. Houston-Carson - Yes, very good STs player and decent depth

P. Scales - Yes

M. Adams - Yes

D. Cruikshank - No

D. Dozier - No

M. Schofield - No

M. Pennel - Maybe as depth

D. Pettis - Yes, again decent depth and STs

J. Thomas - Yes

T. Charlton - No

D. Montgomery - Yes, if he is cheap enough if not then no

K. Blasingame - Yes

E. St. Brown - No

Justin Layne - No(honestly I haven't seen him play yet)

S. Mustipher - No

Javin White - No

T. Wesco - No

J. Blackwell - No

D. Eislen - No

A. Watts - Yes, strictly as depth though

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Byron Pringle - 1 year, $2 mil

Riley Reiff - vet min

N. Morrow - yes, but as depth. He isn't a starter

A. Blackson - vet min

N. Harry - 1 year 2 mil

R. Griffin - small deal as bottom depth if you do

D. Houston-Carson - yes, small deal for ST

P. Scales - yes

M. Adams - no

D. Cruikshank - no

D. Dozier - no

M. Schofield - no

M. Pennel - no

D. Pettis - min, compete for ret duties

J. Thomas - no

T. Charlton - vet min

D. Montgomery - if he stays away from top 10 money. He is good but far from irreplaceable.

K. Blasingame - yes, give a 2 year deal to see if he can keep opening lanes

E. St. Brown - 1 year 2mil

Justin Layne - no

S. Mustipher - no

Javin White - no

T. Wesco no

J. Blackwell - np

D. Eislen - no

A. Watts - vet min, likely doesn't make it through preseason



Really the only ones I would be certain are even making the team here are Monty, Scales, Rieff, Blackson, DHC, Blasingame and Morrow. All the rest are competing to stay on the team, if they don't like that then they can enjoy looking for a spot in FA. If you couldn't be above the average talent level on THIS team you're likely going to have to fight to stay in the league other than being a PS talent.

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Byron Pringle.... NO

Riley Reiff.... No he's trash

N. Morrow.... MAYBE

A. Blackson... No

N. Harry...... I can't recall him doing anything worth having a roster spot here.... Leaning towards no unless he starts showing up

R. Griffin..... I'll be honest I don't even know who this is without cheating... a depth TE?

D. Houston-Carson...... Yes... decent STer and we're mega low on safety depth RN.

P. Scales..... sure

M. Adams.... I don't remember who this is. so no.

D. Cruikshank... ditto

D. Dozier.... I remember him being bad, no

M. Schofield..... Bad. No

M. Pennel..... MAYBE as NT depth, but I'd look to upgrade here.

D. Pettis...... MAYBE as a KR/WR depth. He hasn't been goood, but he's been less bad than most of our other guys

J. Thomas..... don't remember who this is, NO

T. Charlton.... We just got him so he's got the rest of the season to earn a spot. Maybe.

D. Montgomery.....Had you asked me before the jets game I'd have been a firm no. I try for a team friendly deal now.

K. Blasingame.... Yes.

E. St. Brown...... Honestly? Yes. He's not good.... but he's been better than the rest.

Justin Layne..... who dis? No.

S. Mustipher......  As much as I'm loathe to admit it, he has value as a backup, but I'm not paying him

Javin White..... who dis? No

T. Wesco...... who dis? No

J. Blackwell..... who dis? No

D. Eislen..... I don't understand how he can't beat out the musty-fur coat and I'm concerned he's useless if he can't.. I'd have given him chances to start, but since that's somehow STILL not happening, I'm leaning no.

A. Watts.... He's defensive line right? Yeah they all suck NO.

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Open to a multi-year deal at the right price:

D. Montgomery - solid vet in all aspects of the role, and respected in our locker room. Like him as a 1B and 3rd down back to Herbert’s 1A post-2022.

K. Blasingame - solid lead blocker and a valuable piece of our run game. Actually wish he’d get an occasional passing game look. Has some speed in the open field. 

D. Houston-Carson - core ST and adequate depth safety.

P. Scales - dependable LS.


Open to a low guarantee 1-year deal:

Byron Pringle - adequate but unexciting WR3 if healthy (hasn’t been most of this year). Like him an awful lot in a top reserve WR4 role though. Some size. Solid speed. Solid hands. Gives good effort as a blocker.

E. St. Brown - really solid blocker / bottom WR depth. I’d prefer we look elsewhere but don’t hate him sticking in the right depth role.

N. Morrow - He’s fine but only fine. Replacement level vet. 


Open to a fully non-guaranteed deal to compete for a depth spot in camp:

Riley Reiff 

M. Adams

D. Cruikshank

D. Pettis

D. Eiselen

A. Blackson

N. Harry

R. Griffin


Prefer they get their next shot elsewhere:

D. Dozier

M. Schofield

M. Pennel

J. Thomas

T. Charlton

Justin Layne

S. Mustipher

Javin White

T. Wesco

J. Blackwell

A. Watts

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Byron Pringle - I still like him but the injuries kind of make it a no

Riley Reiff -No

N. Morrow - Yeah sure I guess, could easily be replaced by another vet

A. Blackson - Yes see above

N. Harry -yes see above

R. Griffin - Naw, he kid of sucks....he always gets open but never actually finishes the play

D. Houston-Carson - meh, sure

P. Scales - yeah

M. Adams - I say yeah but I think he just goes to the Browns or some crap

D. Cruikshank - who?

D. Dozier - who?

M. Schofield - No, kind of same thing as Rieff, our guys are not kids anymore, we dont NEED vets. Lets just get younger

M. Pennel - dude is kind of awesome....big yes

D. Pettis - I said it before, I think he has a place on this team....like it or not he is the primary punt returner and a pretty solid #4 WR

J. Thomas -who?

T. Charlton - No clue, hasn't really played

D. Montgomery - Yes all the way....we are the team with the most cap space and essentially would be looking for a player exactly like him to replace him anyway haha

K. Blasingame - Yes

E. St. Brown - I wouldn't care either way....he's just playing adequate WR and no ST....so whatever

Justin Layne - who?

S. Mustipher - No, Kramer is the new backup but we need to sign an actual starter

Javin White- who?

T. Wesco - I say yes as a blocker but I wouldnt care either way

J. Blackwell -who?

D. Eislen - who?

A. Watts - Yeah hes been good....would be even better if he was our backup to a rookie or FA

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On 12/4/2022 at 11:31 AM, blkwdw13 said:

That is why I am signing them back for cheaper short term deals and redoing the DL.

Yeah, when I run mock drafts I’m almost always taking DL with at least 2 of our first 3 picks. I’ll be pretty shocked if we don’t have at least 3 new starters (with Jones the only potential holdover) week 1 of next year. 

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7 hours ago, AZBearsFan said:

Yeah, when I run mock drafts I’m almost always taking DL with at least 2 of our first 3 picks. I’ll be pretty shocked if we don’t have at least 3 new starters (with Jones the only potential holdover) week 1 of next year. 

I have Gipson as the only returning starter, and it’s not because I think he is good. It’s because they add starter to the three other positions and he is just a hold over for now. 

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