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WEEK 13: Bronco's @ Ravens


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2 hours ago, Broncofan said:

To follow-up - this is the latest, and it's eye opening how much Jeudy alone stands above the crowd vs. man coverage.     Sutton not quite as much (which matches what we've been seeing the last 3 weeks), and both don't fare nearly as well vs. zone - which calls into whether it's Wilson's recognition, their ability to get open, the play-calls, or a combo of all 3.



Not surprised by this. Jerry Jeudy is one of the most uncoverable receivers I’ve ever seen in man to man. The problem is that he has suspect hands, and we have a QB who can’t see him. Imagine what Peyton Manning could have done with him. Moving him around, getting him in 1v1 coverage. The perfectly timed throws. Dude would have been an absolute nightmare. 

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