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The Other Games Thread Week 13


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4 hours ago, Crimmage said:

I'm not quite at this point... I feel a real OC & QB Coach would make dramatic changes. I'm willing to give Billy Yates a pass because it has been his first year as OL coach.. but I would also say to get him an assistant OL coach ( unless BB really wants that to be Patricia) 


I don't think this Offense is in need of a drastic overhaul.. I think with the right coaching you could make DRAMATIC improvements in one offseason. Not Miami level improvements but a major difference. 


Imagine this scenario: 

Free Agency: 

  • Sign RT Mike Uche 4yr 42 Million
  • Extend RG Mike Onwenu 4yr 32 Million ( Nice hometown discount because he's a nice guy) 
  • Resign WR Jakobi Meyers 4yr 44 Million


  • Trade Kendrick Bourne for a day 3 pick ( That relationship is destroyed .. try to get a 4th or 5th and be happy) 
  • Trade Hunter Henry for a day 3 pick ( He is on the last year of his deal, has under performed, this is a good TE draft and you can save ~10M getting rid of him... I'd be fine with a surprise cut too but feel he has value) 


  • Pats trade out of ~15 to ~25 and pick up an extra 2nd and 4th this year ( last year traded 21 to 29 for an extra 3rd and 4th)
  •  ~25 Patriots take WR Kayshon Boutte ( he is a risk but I think he has the highest potential of all the guys in this area) 
  • 2nd round LT Dawand Jones, LT of the future
  • 2nd round LB Henry To'oTo'o, day 1 LB (trade up in the 2nd if necessary)
  • 3rd round TE Dalton Kincaid, day 1 starter at TE 

Trent can be the LT one more year, he isn't the teams biggest problems.. and worse case scenario if he gets beaten out by a rookie halfway through the season that's a good thing. IF you have a good OL coach.. that can immediately become a top 5 OL in the league.. problem solved for now and into the future ( I would draft another OL with the plethora of 4th round picks too.

X - Tyquan Thornton / Davante Parker

Z - Jakobi Meyers / late round pick

Slot - Kayshon Boutte / Jakobi Meyers


I primarily focused on the offense there.. but you can see they will have plenty of money and draft picks to fix the offense and improve the defense. I don't worry so much abotu the players.. I worry about the coaching. They NEED a dramatic improvement on the offensive side of the ball. 

You're advocating for a new OC to be someone on the staff? Or for it to be someone not on the staff? I didn't fully understand that sentence lol 


I have a hard time imagining it being someone on the staff .. otherwise why didn't they just do that this year? Nick Caley is probably gone.. his contract expires this year and I see no reason why he would want to extend. Troy Brown would probably want to move up.. but do you want to have 2 years in a row of drastic transition? Why wouldn't you have just had Troy do it this year so he would have an idea what he was doing next year? 


To me.. it's Bill O'Brien or you've got to go outside of the organization. Zac Robinson please 


Ya I didn't explain the OC. What I'm saying is BB will not go outside the organization for a NEW OC.   He will take someone on the staff  or bring in some some retread like O'Brien.   So basically he did nothing but move pieces.

I appreciate your comments however nothing you said will help, becasue you are not the ( you would be better if you had the job) GM!!!!  Your points are valid but you know if will never happen. EX Sign the right tackle, logical, a great need but no he sign someone like Collins. Need LB he signs grandpa Cannon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Likely BB draft a WR in the 1st is less 10%

2. There is no way he changes the offense, zero. Any one he bring in from his tree is useless!!!! It BB system which won't work in today's NFL. 

3. The WR  you listed have ZERO fear factor or speed. Thornton is useless in BB offense no matter who running it. No fault to TT.

4.  BB is set in his ways. There is no fixes for this mess.  He took a frigging OG in th 1RD which stands for OLD guard. Same BB head scratch move. 21 wins and he's gone. He will retire in crayon this time !!!!

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