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GB Packers point spread pick’em Week 12


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GB Packers point spread pick’em   JOIN ANY TIME


Uncle Hugh Hefner would like to thank you for your youthful years of loyal following and use of his proud publication for its articles and pictorials.  He has graciously left you the opportunity to wager 100 Hefner dollars (playmate money) per week on the NFL games against the spread.  


Each week for the remainder of the NFL season, you will have a total of 100 in playmate money to wager on as few or as many games as you choose.  Any unused playmate money will not be carried over to the next week.   Any money you win can be “banked” or wagered in future weeks.  Should you lose everything you have in any week, rest assured that Uncle Hef will have a new allotment of playmate money for you the following week….again, gratitude for years of loyalty to his lovely publication.


The goal is to amass the largest pot of playmate money at the end of the season.   Join at any time during the season, pick as many or as few of the games as you desire each week, skip a week if you must.  Just remember, any unused playmate money does not carryover to the following week.  Only money won will carryover.  


This is what each individual has in their “Bank”.  This can be used at any time, but does not have to be used at any time as well.


Bank after week 11 (This is your "winnings" to date, everyone has a new 100 to add to their total)






Acrid Josher--200


Packer ESP--100


WEEK 12 Games

MIN -3 @ DET

LAC -1 @ DAL

NYG @ WAS -7.5

TB @ ATL -9.5

CLE @ CIN -8.5

TEN -3.5 @ IND

BUF @ KC -9.5

MIA @ NE -16.5

CAR -5.5 @ NYJ

CHI @ PHI -13.5

SEA -7 @ SF

NO @ LAR -2.5

JAC -4.5 @ ARI

DEN @ OAK -5

GB @ PIT -13.5

HOU @ BAL -7

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2 hours ago, squire12 said:


Bank after week 11 (This is your "winnings" to date, everyone has a new 100 to add to their total)



200 on Jacksonville

100 on Seattle 

100 on LAC

1 on Green Bay

Feel like Seattle has been a sucker bet all year but going for it again anyways.

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