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Week 15 Gameday Thread (Buck/Aikman Edition) - Green Bay Packers (5-8-0) vs. LA/St. Louis/LA Rams (4-9-0)


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15 minutes ago, Striker said:

It's weird to only have one Buck/Aikman game a season.

Beats a Booger game though.

I wish I could remember what Booger said during CFB yesterday, it was hands down the dumbest thing I ever heard anyone on Earth say, ****. Can't believe I forgot it already.

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We need to really come out flat and play with poor pad level. We need to really be loose with the football, be mentally laxidasical and really embrace those focus mistakes. If we could really maximize the communication screw ups that would really help. And of course, missing tackles is going to be absolutely huge in this one. 

If we come in and really focus on playing our D- game, I think we have a chance in this one. 

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This is a must win legacy game for Rodgers. Yesterday Rodgers led the Packers to the number 1 spot all-time for victories by an NFL team, over taking the position that the Bears had held for decades. The Rams are the next on the list. These two teams have meet 94 times in the regular season with the all-time record standing at 46-46-2 thanks to the Packers victory last season at Lambeau Field. The Rams have led this series since their 33-17 victory in December of 1953 and Rodgers is ready to reverse those 70 years of the Rams leading this series. 

The all-time point total is Rams 2162 to the Packers 2157, so of course the Packers need to win by 6 or more points in this absolute must win historical game for all things to be right in the universe.     

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