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Rival Players You Secretly Like


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Just been watching some of the older and classic matches in that thread and it got me to thinking about rival teams players. Each team has their hated or dreaded rivals and though we love to beat each other up over and over, do you have any rival players that you actually, secretly :), really admire or really enjoy watching?

For me being a Raider fan these are the rival players that I actually used to like (I included Seattle as they used to be a division rival) :

Chiefs - Christian Okoye, loved his backstory and just the supreme athleticism of his play. A very humble dude as well apparently.

Chargers - Junior Seau, always wished he played for my team back in the day, a legend who I always feared when we played them.

Broncos - Von Miller, didn't like what he did to our Oline but had to respect his play and he was really great to watch master his craft (against other teams of course).

Seahawks - Steve Largent, only saw the very tail end of his career but he was such an unassuming and great player. Hard not to like him.

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As an AFCS fan, the pickings are slim as of late.

Texans: There aren't really any that have stuck out as players, except Jonathan Greenard, who I follow more because he was a prospect I liked a lot, and he's done fairly well before this season.  Christian Harris I liked as a prospect too, and Pierce is a great running back.  Still, not a lot here.  

Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence is the obvious one.  Not that I root for him, but I do think he's a good player and will probably pan out to being a franchise QB for them.  As for rookies, Luke Fortner was a player I liked a lot in the draft.

Colts: Quenton Nelson is the obvious one.  Dude's a beast.  Throw Kwity Paye in there as well for a guy I really wanted the Titans to get in the draft.

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