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Neutral Field: Who wins? Cowboys or Bills


Neutral Field: Who wins? Cowboys or Bills   

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  1. 1. Neutral Field: Who wins? Cowboys or Bills

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2 hours ago, The BILLievers said:

I mean lets just make a poll - who has a better offense: Buffalo or Dallas and lets see what the majority think (even though this poll is pretty much doing that). If this is just a neutral field, regular season type game then of course the Cowboys could easily win it. 

But I'm taking this as a playoff/super bowl game (what I think the poster meant) and that's when the QB position matters and it's proven. Cool we lost to Kirk Cousins and the Jets in week 9 and 10 in the regular season when Allen had a sprained UCL. Allen is a much better QB than Dak and typically the teams that make the conference championship / win the SB have elite level, top 5 QB guys. 

2021: Mahomes, Burrow, Stafford, Jimmy G (Stafford wins SB)

2020: Mahomes, Allen, Rodgers, Brady (Brady wins SB)

2019: Mahomes, Rodgers, Tannehill, Jimmy G (Mahomes wins SB)

Dak has been called a Kirk Cousins twin which I agree with. If this was a regular season game then yes who knows, but if these two teams are playing right now in a hypothetical super bowl match up then the Bills are favored by 4-5 points. Dak is 1-3 in the playoffs and hasn't won a playoff game since 2018 season. 

Also, I never said the Cowboys couldn't win. My point was regarding the offenses.

I personally find this way of thinking cliche and lazy. Playoff records shouldn't be attributed just to QBs. It takes a team to win heavy-hitting difficult matchups against other good teams in the playoffs. Heck, going back to Dak's rookie year he lost to GB in his first playoff appearance but played well... he wasn't the issue. Last season the 49ers were simply the better team and were close to representing the NFC in the Superbowl. Last season the Packers had MVP Aaron Rodgers and still got punched in the mouth by the Jimmy G led 49ers. Not to mention Matt Stafford all of a sudden winning playoff games and the SB after having zero success in that regard throughout his entire career until that SB run. Did he all of a sudden magically become a much better QB? No, he did not -- he was simply on a better football team. And what about Justin Herbert? The guy is amazing, and yet has never even made it to the postseason. 

Aside from that, who really cares too much about what happened in the past? The 2016 Cowboys has nothing to do with this team. Nor does the 2018 team. Can we not just look at what team the Cowboys have right now? Does that not make the most sense? Saying that the Bills could easily lose a regular season matchup to the Cowboys but would be ice-cold killers and favorites against Dallas in a potential SB matchup just doesn't make sense.

The point is you can't just ignore the entire body of work from the current season and instead hang your hat on playoff record from past years with different rosters -- it just doesn't make sense.

And frankly, the only world in which Allen is "much" better than Dak is a fantasy one. Regardless, if the presence of Dak Prescott back in the Cowboys offense has morphed them from a bottom half offense to literally the highest scoring team in the league where does the difference even actually show up in a practical sense? He makes that offense tick, and with him they have been the highest scoring offense in the game. So perhaps the better way to look at this is that it comes down to a Dak led offense vs an Allen led offense... and so far the Dak led offense looks superior. There is zero evidence that supports the Bills being the better offensive football team right now. Zero.

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