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Bucs VS Aints


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1 minute ago, BucsDraftGeek47 said:

We are just so beyond terrible coaching it's just the norm now

I hate it

Who would have thought it'd be this bad already 

I thought we built a semi winning culture in 2 years but yikes I guess not


I thought Brady changed the “It’s a Bucs Life” stuff, but looks like he’s fallen victim to it as well. 

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1 minute ago, one_of_a_kind24 said:

I dont ****in understand the play call of throwing to the RB behind the LOS when you have to get 20 DAMN YARDS for a first down.


And of course they fumble the ****in ball away. Losers just need to quit the game and the entire season

Fumble probably was a net positive for us. You know they would’ve returned the punt for 30+ yards and started in our territory or something. 

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6 minutes ago, one_of_a_kind24 said:

Well, got 1 good drive out of the defense in the 2nd half. Rest are gonna be trash.

Tom is the main culprit for this debacle as he continues to miss fire on passes. He's not the only problem but he had a chance to be a bandaid to the Bucs other ailments but hasn't done so like how he carried the post 2004 Patriots for all those years. Tom did more with less offensive weapons with the Patriots e.g. 2001 & 2003!

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