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Week something GDT: Texans @ Cowgirls


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On 12/11/2022 at 3:08 PM, Jaytrajik said:

Can't believe we sold the house for Tunsil 

So, I was listening to the radio broadcast - Andre Ware went OFF on Davis Mills for those two offsides. Clint Stoerner explained it as such: Given the circumstances - less than a minute, no time outs, required TD to stay alive - a QB isn’t going to the line and making pre snap reads, they are snapping the ball as soon as it’s set. The playbook is limited to 2-3 route calls, usually deeper routes to the sideline - the defense is traditionally in a Cover 4 shell, with CBs playing an outside shade to keep receivers from getting out of bounds. The offense is going on the ref’s backpedal after setting the ball - and for some reason, Mills was calling out route combos and blocking schemes in obvious situations.

I’ll give the two QBs credit for knowing how to run a 2 minute offense better than I do - but I also wonder why other OL didn’t jump (or maybe other OL did jump, and they only called Tunsil - again, was listening to the radio broadcast, I didn’t see anything).

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