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Week 14: Ravens @ Steelers


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^^^ I’m only partly in jest. I legit fear Watt.

Our slim playoff hopes reside in DeSean Jackson activating, no WRs getting hurt, all of our RBs coming back healthy, Lamar coming back healthy, Andrews getting healthy, and our OL being ready to go to dominate opposing DLs all playoffs.

Not to say I’m wanting to punt this game, but if soft Stanley really is going to milk this injury for the juice being worth the squeeze, then the one thing that Huntley definitely excels at better than Lamar is the quick passing attack.

Keep things up temp all game, get the ball out quick, bash Hill and Drake, keep DeSean on a pitch count, and see if Huntley can work magic. He’s one of the better backup QBs in the league and on a level similar to Tyrod Taylor. His skill set can win us some games.

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11 minutes ago, AFlaccoSeagulls said:

So he didn't practice today and then gets taken off of the injury report completely is good to go for Sunday lol

I've never seen anything like this.

That's what he was doing before the recent re-injury. He wasn't practicing on Friday's IIRC. Didn't seem to hurt his play. For how much the fanbase is on the team for things they are doing that apparently leading to our bad injury luck, we should also be open to them doing/allowing something unusual here.

I'm kind of with @diamondbull424 in wishing he skips the matchup against Watt for the sake of preservation.

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