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Official Dallas Mavericks Thread: Welcome CWood, McGee, & Kemba!

the lone star

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13 hours ago, Tyronnosaurus said:

Playing at Washington tonight. Should be a juicy loss.


Anyways, what I want to see from DSJ:

-2 or less turnovers

-7 or more assists

-at least 45% from the field


Points aren't my main concern with DSJ. Of course it'd be nice to see him drop 20 finally, but if he only scores 6, I won't be mad if he's not turning over the ball, is efficient, and is running the offense effectively (with sexy assist numbers). Defense isn't really a concern to me as well, unless he's literally not trying.



I'm also excited to see Barnes. His aggressiveness has tripled the past 5-6 games and he's scoring efficiently again. Hoping he goes for 25+ tonight.

Wizards sabotaging the Mavs' chances at getting a top 3 pick.

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Smith's last 5 games:

20.6 ppg

6.2 rpg

4.2 apg

3.4 topg

43% FG

40% 3pt

91% FT


You can tell he's starting to settle in. Turnovers are way up, but he's taking more risks. Either way he needs to get that number down (though 3.5 isn't awful for a 19 year old rookie playing with sacks of **** all over the floor). As of now my biggest complaint with Smith is his shot selection. He takes far too many shots that he shouldn't be. A big example is when he'll hit 2 or 3 shots in a row, and the he's guaranteed to start shooting, shooting, shooting on many consecutive possessions. Last game he made 2 baskets and looked to have a rhythm. Then very next possession he took a rushed, pull-up off-balanced three that bricked, and then the very next possession took another awful three. That was followed by an awkward 18 foot spin, turn around shot that bricked. And then the biggest frustration on offense is when he takes it to the rim against big guys and gets blocked damn near every time.

He's definitely starting to settle in and you can see that star in him, but he needs to settle down and look for more efficient shots. Also needs to learn that just because he makes a few buckets in a row doesn't mean he has to play hero ball.

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I really hope DSJ can grow as a distributor and get guys like Noel and Mejri more involved in offense. I've always liked Mejri, but I guess Noel needs to develop a shot or a post-move or something.

I'd be interested to see some of Noel at the 4 though, because honestly, this team isn't playing for anything this year. Let's just see if he can fit at another position, because he's a nice young talent that'd I'd like to keep. But if he can't get out of the doghouse, then it's all moot.

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