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Games Balls and Jerry Straps: Dallas at Jags


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GB’s - Parsons is only one who comes to mind for me


HM to Bland, he played strong most of the game but allowed 1 big play


Jerry’s Manpons: Joseph get the first one for his 2 TD’s allowed

Dakota Prescott for his second half play

Dan Quinn for what ever  has happened to his defense! Where has his stellar defense gone too??? Has the injuries finally caught up to it? For the last 3 games now they have looked very average. 

if we make the playoffs somehow, I see this team as a 1 and done (again 🙄

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GB:  Lamb...   

JS:  EVERYONE else...     you would think with three TO's some one would stand out on the D...  but NOPE...

PS- I am so done with Turpin...   HE has been terrible returning the last few weeks..    and only reaching the 15 is BAD..

I only watched a few plays of the game off the DvR recording I made..  the interception's..  the 3rd adn 2 pass that just missed being a big play to Pollard up the sideline... Jag OL??? tipping a pass yikes..  the stupid. real stupid pass with under 2 minutes left...   the Jags final drive...  the injuries to Brown and Lewis really really hurt right now..  I didn't see Armstrong play either that last drive and we really miss him on the edge.  I just am sick to my stomach thinking about how there were a ton of opportunities where they just make ONE more play they would have won only to fail to make it.  A number of 3rd and short fails by the offense...   the D allowing a 3rd and long conversion on the last FG drive..  The failure of Kearse to get a tackle on that last FG drive...  then Brown not catching what I saw as a well thrown pass.  

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GB: DaRon Bland: had several pass break ups early then came up with a pick. 

GB: CD Lamb: Had a very nice game

GB: The OL: Revolving door at RT but Dak had time to throw all day, and there were some nice holes in the run game. Tyler Smith had a great pancake on the early Zeke TD run.

GB: Parsons: Had another sack and recovered the TLaw fumble that should have sealed the game. 

JS: Kelvin Joseph: You suck. Can’t believe we drafted you over Asante Samuel Jr. I don’t know how he’s doing for the Chargers but rest assured it’s better than you. 

JS: Anthony Barr: A liability in coverage and washed away in the run game. 

JS: Demarcus Lawrence, Dalton Schultz and Michael Gallup: *in my best Blink-182 voice* “WHERE ARE YOUUUU!?”

JS: Kelvin Joseph again.

JS: Zeke and Pollard: This is a first, but you guys sucked today. 35 carries at 3.8 yards per tote. Both of you individually under 4ypc. I’m certain that’s the first time that’s happened all year. 


Honorable unmentionables:

Dak and Noah Brown. I’m not giving you guys a jockstrap because you played MOST of the the game really well.

But I’m not giving you guys a game ball either because Daks ugly 1st interception that let the Jags back in the game, his decision to throw deep on 3rd down instead of checking down or taking a sack to keep the clock moving, and Noah Browns egregious and embarrassing game ending drop/bobble/interception/turnover. IDK WHY Dak was targeting Noah Brown all day. Maybe they were trying to prove that they didn’t need TY Hilton or OBJ but I’ll say this:

OBJ and TY would have caught that ball 


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