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Week 16- Detroit Lions (7-7) @ Carolina Panthers (5-9)

Louis Friend

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6 minutes ago, LionArkie said:

This one has worried me for a while and even more so now. After 2 really emotional wins, will a let down occur?

I haven't followed the Panthers too closely, but they seem to be running the ball well, even without CMC, when they win and lose when they don't. If we can stifle their run game, we have a good chance. Their defense is no where near as good as the Jets, so our offense could bounce back before facing our division the last two games.

Seattle plays the Chiefs next week, Giants play the Vikings. 

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OFF: 76.0; DEF: 62.9

RUNO: 80.7 RUN BLK: 70.3; RUND: 62.0; TACKLE: 49.0

PASSO: 65.0; PASS BLK: 61.7; REC: 78.1; PRSH: 66.4; COV: 57.2


DEF: 58.9; OFF: 66.2

RUND: 55.9; TACKLE: 61.9; RUNO: 79.1; RUN BLK: 56.0

COV: 48.3; PRSH: 67.8; PASSO: 59.2; PASS BLK: 73.8; REC: 64.9


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