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Week 16- Detroit Lions (7-7) @ Carolina Panthers (5-9)

Louis Friend

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On 12/24/2022 at 3:50 PM, MortexLion said:

Arron Glens gotta GO!

I don't know how much Glenn is the problem vs the talent on the field. We desperately need a CB1 - Jacobs and Okudah are playing to prove they aren't it. We need better players on the interior - relying on Buggs long-term would be a mistake. We were down to the backups of our backups in safeties for this game. We have young guys like Rodrigo starting and could be running into a rookie wall.  We add more talent and we're running into some of the same issues, then absolutely we can put that on Glenn. For now, he's been getting the best out of an overall poor group IMO. 

We seem to keep forgetting that this is supposed to be deep rebuild and the expectation to begin with was approximately a 3 year turnaround. The fact that we're talking about a realistic chance at the playoffs right now is nuts. 

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I think AG is a great coach, but he did not make any in-game adjustments to help stop the Carolina run game plus a bad scheme. AG needs to take accountability period.. Interview he jus had was asked  “Do you think you need to adjust the scheme?“  his answer “NOT AT ALL.” 

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