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2022 GDT Holiday Bowl Da Steelers 6-8 host Da Raiders 6-8

Steeler Hitman

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On December 23, 1972 a football dynasty was born. Steelers Rookie RB Franco Harris caught a Terry Bradshaw deflected pass off Raiders safety Jack Tatum dashed to the endzone for a last second 60 yard TD!  The Steelers won 13-7 after leading 6-0 late in the fourth quarter. The Snake, Ken Stabler appeared to have stolen victory from a Steelers team who had never won a play-off game in 40 years when he scored on a 30 yard run giving the Raiders a 7-6 lead and looking like they would continue the Steelers play-off loss drought. That was 50 years ago and I remember it well.  👴 


George Atkinson, "It was the immaculate deception! And Lynn Swann is soft!"


Lynn Swann, " George, I got your soft times four!"

In case you didn't know, that is classis Steelers-Raiders rivalry! 

The 6-8 Las Vegas Raiders visit the 6-8 Pittsburgh Steelers to commemorate this game. 



Steelers one-two RB punch of Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren will test the Raiders defense.


DA Raiders will test the Steelers run defense with the NFL's leading rusher Josh Jacobs.


TJ Watt is looking to regain his former NFL DPOY form coming off a solid game versus the Panthers


Max Crosby will look to welcome Kenny Pickett to the NFL. 


All Time Series is led by Da Raiders 17-13-0 and have won 4 of the last 5 games

Last Meeting won by Da Raiders 26-17 in Pittsburgh on 09/19/2021.

Oakland, Las Angeles, or Las Vegas, Da Raiders have been a thorn in Da Steelers side. 

Despite this distance, this remains an all time classic rivalry. 


Tighten your chinstraps!

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RIP Champ.


Wonder if he ever told anyone if the ball hit the ground. Doesn’t matter to me much because it was a sign of a great young dominant team that would become a preeminent nfl dynasty. Timing of this is sad as hell though.


He will be sorely missed in the steel city and by fans everywhere. Deepest condolences to his family, friends and remaining teammates. 😢I bet him and rocky were close. 

I didn’t know him but I was within 10 feet of him on my first trip to Heinz field. Just an average, solid nice dude it seemed. RIP Franco! Legend. 

Not ready to see all these guys disappear or suffer old age bros. 

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PITTSBURGH -- Kenny Pickett felt fine at first. After absorbing a big hit from Ravens linebacker Roquan Smith and hitting his head on the turf, the Steelers' rookie quarterback exited the Week 14 game and went into the blue injury tent on the sideline to be evaluated for a concussion.

He was cleared and reentered the game on the Steelers' next drive. But over the course of the quick three-play series, Pickett noticed changes in his vision setting in. That's when he knew something was wrong and self-reported his symptoms when he came off the field.



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4 hours ago, jebrick said:

was that tackle unnecessary roughness by todays rules for the QB? I don't know all the details for this, but I thought the league was protecting the QB's, then our rookie QB gets thrown down and no flag?

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