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Week 16 - Browns and the Saints - or "Jarvis, you'd be proud of DPJ"



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  1. 1. We making it?

    • Huge hill to climb...even higher than the late "Top Thrill Dragster"
    • We've got a shot
    • No way
    • Watch what you're doing....you are supposed to pee in the cup, not on your hand
    • Come on 2023!

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Well, we're absolutely down to the nitty gritty of the season.

We definitely need to win out.

Jimmy Fallon Easy Peasy GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

That's right.  

The Walking Dead Easy Peasy GIF

....and we absolutely need some things to fall our way.  

For example we absolutely need the Packers to head to Hard Rock and beat the Dolphins.

game of thrones hbo GIF by Twitter

Sir Aaron of the House of Rodgers can do that, can't he?

We also need to have the Jets lose 2 of their last 3.  Zach Wilson gives us a bit of hope there, right?

If he can't, start working on your watered down

mocking big brother GIF by globaltv


Is It Cold In Here Draft Day GIF by Children Ruin Everything

because that is all we have to look forward to over the final two weeks, besides seeing who wants to be part of the team in 2023.

We're going to spend the cold, snowy winter lamenting losing 4 games by a total of 9 points.

We all know however that the biggest....

Knock On Wood Fingers Crossed GIF by giphystudios2021

is his inability to put this defense in a position where they can be successful.  I've got to think that he'll be gone after week 18.

Stefanski can't keep him, can he?

We're going to be facing the 3 headed QB position in New Orleans, and that is not a breeze.

They've got

money crab legs GIF by FirstAndMonday

the Ginger ninja

football GIF by Old Spice

whom we've had success against in the past,

and Taysom Hill

 Taysom Hill Go Saints GIF by New Orleans Saints

who ought to be painted red, with a white cross, as he is the Saints


They've struggled mightily in a BAD division, and we absolutely need this win to have any chance of having Jim Mora question our motives

Jim Mora Playoffs GIF

Going to be interesting to see how this dome team performs in the weather that they're likely to face on Sunday.

Nick Chubb is going to need to help some Saints players learn how to make snow angels.

Nick Chubb Browns GIF by The Undroppables

Go Browns. 

Cleveland 21

New Orleans 13

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I think I think playing in this game with little playoff aspirations is good for us long term


itll be a reminder how they’ll not want to be in this situation again playing in weather like this without playoff aspirations 

I think it’ll help them get this **** together so that way moving forward we can handle our business earlier in the season so that if we play in horrible conditions like this it’s for a reason. 

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2 hours ago, LETSGOBROWNIES said:

I’m perfectly fine with a less talented player who’s healthier and plays with more intensity next season.

I'd bring him back on like 1 year 8 million. Put him in the rotation rather than as a starter.

Him subbing Myles would be great

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