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OffSeason Mock that it's not for you to check out.


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WR Jeff Smith (UDFA): Non Tendered

G Dru Samia (4th): Non Tendered

PR Bryce Huff (UDFA): 2nd Round Tendered

RB James Robinson (UDFA): Non Tendered


One suggested Huff should be tendered for 1st round price but 2.2m difference between 1st and 2nd round tenders is too rich to think about. Jets let Huff test the FA to see what contract he gets so they can match the deal if it is acceptable. I don't know if Jets will be cool with about 6.5m tender (1st round) if Huff signs the tender.

Result: Huff signed the 4.3m tender with Jets.



QB Mike White:

DL Solomon Thomas:

K Greg Zuerlein:

G Nate Herbig:

PR Vinny Curry:

LB Kwon Alexander:

OT Mike Remmers:

DT Nathan Shepherd:

FB Nick Bawden:

LB Quincy Williams:

➡️Jets shouldn't sign back all players with at least 2.5m salary of 2022 except White.


White (3y,63m)

Not going to pay him 21m annually but he could get that amount if he wins starting gig or close if he starts a bunch of games. Otherwise, his contract would end up very cuttable 3 year 33m as full time back up qb. For team salary cap purpose, I go with the maximum so it helps Jets manage financially in regard to other pressing positions.

Williams (5y, 45-60m)

Not sure if contract range makes sense but 20m signing bonus should be a trick. He has been a mainstay in the defense so I don't see why Jets should get cute with his market value.


➡️Contract of the rest should be no more than 2.5m each. They are rotational players at best which is good for depth.




S Jordan Whitehead:

I get that he can hit but 5 steps away from an offensive target makes him useless. Plus he offers no good coverage at all. Clear off 7.2m.

WR Corey Davis:

I was happy that he signed with Jets but oh boy!, what a waste of signing. Injury and rock hands kill his Jet career. Clear off 10.5m.

LG Laken Tomlinson:

He is kind of OL that tags along, meaning he will be good if other OL click well otherwise he can't handle by himself. Thanks to injuries, Jets didn't use wide zone that much and Tomlinson has been lost there. Jets' OL depth isn't qualified for MASH so he has to find new home with better OL. Need to cut him by 5th day of new league as it shouldn't be difficult to do so. Clear off 13.1m



LB CJ Mosley:

At 30 years old, he should figure that he would see small contract to sign after Jets contract expires such as one year contract or aging veteran contract (sub 10m). He accepted 7m reduction each final years (2) and in return, he got 10m non guarantee salary each of those voidable years (2). That means he shall stay with Jets for next 4 years at about 10m annually as long as he is healthy and active. I am confident his communicating skill and locker room leadership won’t diminish over time.


Entering Free Agency:

Major Holes: C, RG, RT, FS, SS, WR2, DT


WR Noah Brown (Cowboys)[ 3.5m, 4.5m, 7m)

He is basically slower Corey Davis but for that price, he should be invaluable between number 2 to 4 spots in WR depth depending on Moore, Mims and rookie.


C Hjalte Froholdt (Browns) [7m, 9m, 10m]

He is an ascending player for Center. He can do both zone and man blocking jobs. Pretty sure Browns will re-sign him but whatever... Joe Douglas uses similar contract structure as McGovern’s when he signed with Jets for him. Keep the price at bay until you know what you get out of Center whoever it is.

RT Mike McGlinchey (49ers)[ 17.5m annually for 5 years]

Jack Conklin is another best RT available but JD didn't pursue him last time he was FA so I don’t bother looking for him. I don't know what will happen to Saints' salary cap situation but if NFL forces Saints to drop contracts of top 5 players including Ryan Ramczyk Jets should sign him like yesterday. Anyway, back to Jets, I have noticed that Jets favors left side frequently like 8 to 1 ratio to right in run game. That isn't incredibly good balance at all so having one of elite run blocking RT aboard will bolster run game as serious as hell. Big knock on him is pass protecting so we will have a problem if Wilson wins qb job but we shouldn’t concern about that if White wins. For Jets’ sake, I hope Wilson improves in 3rd year as pro.

S Jimmie Ward (49ers)[5m, 5.5m]

The defense needs another leadership as well as he could fill in either S spot. He is familiar with Saleh's character and coaching skill so he could provide extra coaching/menatoring young defense. I have no idea which safety can be brought in for right price as FA. I don't think Jets will go after Jessie Bates. There are a several good safeties but they may be re-signed with their current teams. Ward is aging and dealing with bum legs so I can see him being available for us.


Entering NFL Draft:


Major Holes: C, RG, RT, FS, SS, WR2, DT


👉1.17: QBs Will Levis and Anthony Richardson Available.👈

Trade Options-

  • Jets: 1.19, 3.83
  • Bucs: 1.17, 4.120


  • Jets: 1.21, 2.53, 4.123
  • Cers: 1.17, 5.153


  • Jets: 1.24, 2.56, 3.88
  • Giants: 1.17

Commanders trade edges Buccaneers because last top 85 pick is higher. Giants trade helps Jets to have 5 picks in top 90 despite dropping 7 picks in 1st round. I went with Giants trade because Jets didn’t lose another pick in that trade.


👉1.24(NYG): Traded to Chiefs (OT Dawand Jones)👈

  • Jets: 1.29, 3,93
  • Chiefs: 1.24, 4.120

Joe Douglas may have a bunch of prospects he likes for the 24th overall selection so Jets traded down to gather another top 100 pick.

🎆1.29(KC): LB Owen Pappoe, Auburn.🎆

Right now, he is somewhat top 80 prospect but after scout months he should move into top 40 or possibly 30 due to improved intelligence to go with already standout explosivenss and range. LB group feels weaker than we would prepare for despite having Quincy back. Mosley is good LB but he is just statistic guy from now on. Need more impact from LB. Surely, everyone agrees with that assessment, never mind preferable prospect.

🎆2.46: WR Jonathan Mingo, Ole Miss.🎆

He has possessed speed and power to be involved in many NFL routes. Since qb Wilson and White play offense differently it is good idea to have WR that can do something that works favorably to both qbs, not either one. Jets need that for number 2 WR, regardless of which offensive coordinator Jets have next year or two.

🎆2.56(NYG): RG Andrew Vorhees, USC.🎆

There is a suggestion that his best fit is 49ers. Jets have similar philosophy so you know where it goes. Vorhees is older but should be a NFL starter immediately. RG is open so having him and McGlinchey at right side requires hand lotion. Want me to explain that (no, not that lotion part)?


🎆3.79: S Jammie Robinson, Florida State.🎆

I have thought about selecting Lathan Ransom here but he broke leg last winter and thumb last late fall. Considering the style he plays, he is red flag prospect, unfortunately. Robinson has shown he can play man in slot and zone in back area. His tackling techique looks strangely sissy but his hand grips are solid and constantly hungry for taking football away from a ballcarrier. He has shown some ability to enclose carrier/catcher so he can limit RAC as much as he can.

🎆3.88(NYG): S Quindell Johnson, Memphis.🎆

I think he is a 1st round sleeper but value of safety is tricky. I would be happy to take him in 3rd round despite of his actual value. He possesses natural fluidity in space and is capable of handling one cover assignment if asked. He is no slouch in man coverage and tackling as well.

🎆3.93(KC): DT Tyler Davis, Clemson.🎆

I saw one scout suggested he should be taken in 1st. Umm. Anyway, why wait until late 3rd round to take DT? Well, Jets have zero shot to land Jalen Carter or Bryan Bresee in 1st. Both DT are off the charts athletically and the rest of the position class offers at least one of traits. Big and fat isn’t the answer for bolstering run defense Jets have run. Lateral movement, hand shredding, quick off a snap and power leg are essential for run support regardless of size. Davis offers all plus short in height which contributes better leverage at LOS. Not to mention that his passing skill potential is real. If he tests out well at the combine then I may consider taking him instead of Pappoe in the 1st and take LB here.

👉4.120: Gone to Chiefs.👈

👉5.153: Traded to Rams (whoever he is)👈

  • Jets: 6.181, 6,190
  • Rams: 5.153

🎆6.177: WR/RS Tyler Scott, Cincinnati.🎆

A potential replacement for either Jeff Smith (vacant) or Braxton Berrios (Spot).

🎆6.181(LAR): ATH Noah Daniels, TCU.🎆

Depend on what plan for him in all 3 units.

🎆6.190(LAR): Edge/ST KJ Henry, Clemeson.🎆

Lawson and Huff will potentially become UFA and be goner after 2023.



Week One Starting Lineup:

LT: Brown

LG: Vera-Tucker

😄 Froholdt

RG: Voorhees

RT: McGlinchey

WR1: Wilson

WR2: Brown

WR3: Mingo ---- TE1: Conklin

WR4: Moore ----- TE2: Uzomah ---- FB: Bawden

RB: Hall

QB: Wilson/White


DE: Johnson

DT: Williams

DT: Davis

DE: Franklin-Myers

LB: Mosley ---- W9: Huff

LB: Williams ---- NB: Carter

LB: Pappoe

CB1: Gardner

FS: Ward

SS: Robinson ---- FS2: Johnson

CB2: Reed


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5 hours ago, jetsfan4life51 said:

I think this is something we’d all sign up for. Have some preferences with prospects but I like the positions and moves. The way the season has ended I’d love a trade down to get more pucks to replace the vets we may be cutting. 

Agreed. Trade down as much as possible. We need more athletes all over this roster. We are getting much closer, but we just didn't quite have the depth to sustain all the injuries. Really nobodies fault on the OL that was absurd, but it would be nicer to have younger guys ready to step in. I really hope JD does the right thing and clears the dead weight. Far too many guys making insane money offering no impact or who are net negatives like Tomlinson. 

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After returning to internet world, I found out that Zach Wilson was replaced by practice squad qb???????????   Wow. That's going to be real real difficult to recover.  I made a small change in regard of qb situation.


Drafting QB is absolutely not going to solve the qb problem as both Saleh and Douglas enter 3rd year in developmental process.  Best free agents available, that may help Jets move in right direction such as clinching playoff spot, should no look beyond Jimmy Garoppolo or Derek Carr.  Jimmy G is clear the best fit for Jets as Jets apparently move on from Zach Wilson.  However, I refused to pick between qb or rt in order to maintain the salary cap under the control. RT is a must here so one option will be to move Carl Lawson as salary dump.

Jets sign QB Jimmy Garoppolo for 3 years 75m maximum.

Jets re-sign QB Mike White for 3 years 28m maximum.  (It is lower than stated in my mock because JG is clearly a starter for Jets.)

Jets trade DE Carl Lawson and QB Zach Wilson to Chiefs for 6th round pick (#177). 2 players for late round pick sound far fetched but it cleans up the salary cap quicker. 


That #177 pick would be go to OL Wanya Morris out of Oklahoma Sooners. The health of Mitchell, Becton and some depth players is worrying us.

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Revision #3

Jets hire Nathaniel Hackett to be our new qb coach/ run coordinator.  Nate did good job fixing run game for Packers before taking head coach gig in Denver.  Jimmy G is not big time thrower so run game is essential if Jets continue counting on defense for pivotal W-L.

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