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Best/Favorite Tandems in NFL History?


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Definitely not the best, but my favorite was JJ Stokes and Terrell Owens in '97. 

They created something really fun to watch for a child fan that felt crushed when Jerry Rice went down week 1.   They both stepped up to fill the void, and we saw the emergence of TO, and what looked like JJ Stokes preparing to break out.   They seemed so big and powerful, after growing accustomed to watching Rice and Taylor.

Willis and Bowman for a better duo.  Hanks and McDonald for another nostalgic one I enjoyed.  Always wished we would've been able to pull of Deion and Rod Woodson.  That's like my dream CB duo. 

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The super smash brothers Justin and Aldon Smith.. it was short lived, but those two were a nightmare and one of the most brutal pairings on a front 4 you'll ever see. 


VD/Crabtree was a duo I loved because of the splash plays and raw potential we saw in both of them. Neither one nearly reached the peak we hoped for (Davis definitely came close), but those teams accomplished a lot.

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