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Week 17: Squish the Fish


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5 hours ago, biggie. said:

Tua is in the concussion protocol again.

This is a must win for us to have a shot at the playoffs. However we are on a three game losing streak to the Sassy Sharks.

Thanks for making the topic this time. With Tua out, that leaves either Bridgewater or Thompson. We need to quit making those stupid mistakes that we've been making in the last few games.

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A shame that Jack Jones didn't get the chance to really maximize Jalen Mills being out these last few games. Will be really interesting to see how the team feels about him moving forward. He had a good rookie season but he also was a very risk / reward type of guy. 


Marcus Jones being out too is tough. This feels a lot like the Buffalo games in the playoffs last season when they basically had nobody in the secondary. 

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On 12/30/2022 at 3:50 PM, IheartMyV8 said:

I don't have any faith in the offense whatsoever.  


Or the team as a whole, really. They've barely played complete half, let alone a game. When the offense is going well (pretty rare, but it happens) the defense is getting blown up. When the defense holds, the offense can't move the ball. On Sunday they finally both clicked to get back into the game, only to lose because Folk missed THREE extra points. Just constantly feels like a somewhat undercooked team that isn't game ready.

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What a joke. Patriots game blacked out on Gamepass in the UK yet again - twice in a row. Basically Sky Sports picks one early and one late game to show live and those games are unavailable for 24 hours on Gamepass. 


When we were dominant, I understood it. But a game against the banged up 8-7 Dolphins minus Tua? Make it make sense. 


My ability to watch on catch-up is now severely diminished with a couple of little ones. 

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2 minutes ago, m haynes said:

Maybe Schoolar  need to go back to ST school or maybe get a new teacher. It's a penalty running into a kicker!!!

The bobble really messed him up, he thought he could grab the ball. Same issue Strong had, have to go to the side of the kicker not straight into his face

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