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Week 17: NY Jets vs SEA Seahawks


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Once again. Only positive to the game was the CB play. Seems to be the trend.


Haven't seen anyone on here praise or give White excuses… but being I was very critical of him. I hope yesterdays game shows, that he’s not the answer. Those INTs he threw were worse than most of Wilson’s. And being he’s a statue in the pocket. He can’t even improvise a bit.


We have A LOT of work to do this off-season. Bc we need a starter at QB. Need to figure out the OL. And need LBs and Ss that can actually tackle.


We can’t establish a run making it hard on any QB. And the OL is mostly to blame for this. They seemed to have a rhythm when Hall was at RB. But that is gone for some reason. I know AVT going down and stuff hurt. But 1 OLineman going down should have us going from arguably the best running team to below average. This isn’t acceptable.


Players he need to go are these IMO…




Duane Brown

Cut those guys post 7/1

And we just better not resign guys like

Quincy Williams



We get Becton and AVT back at OL. We get Hall back at RB. Those moves and drafting an OT in Round 1 is what I want to happen. Make the OL Becton, AVT, CMG, Herbig, 1st round rookie.

Now we have a solid talented young OL group. Sign a vet bc Becton can’t be trusted… but make that the starting OL. We then have a ground and pound identity with that OL and Hall, Knight and Carter at RB. That’s something a vet QB should be able to work with.


On defense. We need to resign Huff and make him a starter with JJ. Of course rotate guys in like Clemons and others. But move JFM inside with Q. If we revamp the LB and S room with tacklers. We can afford to have a smaller DL that can get to the passer. Right now it doesn’t work bc we have arguably the worst S duo in the league and our LBs struggle in space. I know a lot don’t like Mosley. I like him. It’s poor scheming when we see him covering guys like Lockett. That’s a coaching issue not Mosley got beat issue.



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No reason to believe Becton will be good, I'd almost rather retain Fant at LT than him. Getting AVT and Hall back along with 1 or 2 OL boosts will give us a serious running game. Safety is the big weakness on defence and getting a great player there or a great coverage LB will have us well-situated to zone in on QB with remaining resources.

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Nice to see others realizing what I’ve been saying about Quincy all season. 

Luckily LB should be easy to fix. There are always Day 3 guys who become starters as rookies, Deion Jones should be available without breaking the bank, Roquan should have been pursued heavily last offseason. 

Outside chance Sherwood is picking up the defense. But tired of seeing Quincy and Mosley take atrocious angles and/or get swallowed up in the run game. Kwon is somehow still regressing each game.  Didn’t think that was possible. 

It’s a lot but I would not be upset one bit if we had 2 new Safeties and 3 new LBers next season. 

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16 minutes ago, JetsandI said:

Mike White is good to go against Dolphins.   Good.  


Still White has to score a several touchdowns.

Yeah we just need to lose that game. These moral victories have never gotten us anywhere. The momentum does not carry over, all it does is cost us players.

Go Fins 

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