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Week 17 GDT: Broncos @ KC Chiefs @ 11:00 AM MST


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1 hour ago, grizmo78 said:

How badly will the Chiefs stamp their soon to be 15 game win streak over Jerry Rosburg's Broncos?

Dead cat bounce.   Den keeps it to a 1-score game (assuming both starting G’s, Jeudy & Browning / Gregory play).    At least my pocketbook hopes so lol. 


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12 minutes ago, Broncofan said:

If Jeudy can play will be interesting to see if we get the best 5 healthy guys out there (IE Anderson over Fleming). 


Perfect response by Rosburg. Too bad we don't still have Muti as an option at LG. Sure, he had some issues but one of them was not physicality. You could beat him with speed and quickness but if you tried to overpower him he'd toss ya into the cheap seats. He was fun to watch and with a good Center, and Bolles at LT could have been pretty good at LG. 

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We’ve checked out. Game is at Arrowhead which is a brutal place to play.

Chiefs have a chance to get home field with their final 2 against us and the Carr-less McRaiders while Cincy and the Bills play each other before facing the Ravens and Pats, respectively. Andy Reid and Patrick Maholmes will hold nothing back. 

Chiefs 49, Broncos 3

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