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Sorry Wyld that it took so long to respond to this. https://forums.footballsfuture.com/topic/46312-2023-season-is-up-in-the-air/  I decided to respond in it's own thread.


First there was promise, but at least for the offense, that has not panned out. We had a veteran QB who couldn't get it done. The o-line didn't help, but in the end....and it certainly appears over....that Matt will only be able to contribute in the NFL at this point in his career...with an established veteran offense. On offense, the Colts did not have enough:


Decisiveness from the QB

Ball protection from the QB, WR, TE, and RB's

Playmaking from the WR position

Unpredictable playcalling


Because of this, the defense did not have enough rest. Even though they are about to set a franchise record for sacks, I didn't see enough in game adjustments to defend the deep middle. We got eaten alive there. But all in all, without this defense, we would be the sisters of the poor. 


This has been a hard pill to swallow, but I think I have drank enough beer to wash it down. Colt fans have had a lot of fine years to enjoy. It's time to be bad enough to get a franchise QB, and a franchise LT. I think it's time to see the team as what they are currently....at the bottom of the division. 

I would like to hear what you and Coffee and the others here have to say about what improvement looks like. Who do you personally want to see at QB next year. It sure feels like we have to take a QB, don't we? I know it looks over for Carr in Oakland, but retreads have not worked. Period. Do we let it slide one more year and grab the future at LT?

I hope we don't empty the drafting vaults to move up to get Young. I think he's to small of a guy to risk all that draft capital on. Will it be Stroud or Levis? Levis has that prototype NFL QB pocket passer build. Stroud has the accuracy. If we're talking T, Skoronski is a plug and play wall of protection. 

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I’m tired of the retread QB.

I’m tired of Ballard’s snarky digs at the media for calling him out on his deficiencies (i.e. drafting WRs, drafting CB, drafting OL) it’s their job stop worrying about them and do yours. 

I’m tired of an offense where the receivers can’t get separation and drop the ball when they do. And the QB throwing into double coverage or right to the defender.

I’m tired of fumbles in the red zone. 

I’m tired of making the same mistakes over and over and over again. And the asisine excuses given during post game press. 


I do believe we have something in our DL, especially Stewart, Buckner and Paye. Dayo is also starting to show out occasionally.

Outside of his injury Rodgers was looking good this year. With the addition of Rodney Thomas and a full offseason for Nick Cross our secondary could be very good next year. 

I think we need to look at replacing Ryan Kelly and RG. I think Raimann with a full offseason of strength training and working on his technique can be a solid LT.

I’m still not sure if I can justify us resigning Okereke this offseason.

I want to see Pierce more involved but these QBs can’t get the ball down field for him to matter.

I’m sure more things I can add but I’m getting tired of thinking now too LMAO 

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The Colts have lost 13 of their last 18 since getting a point last season where they needed just one win in their last two games to clinch a playoff spot last year.

As for a new head coach, I suggest Brian Kelly. He's well-known in Indiana for having coached Notre Dame for 12 seasons, though he was somewhat overrated due to never having won a major bowl game let alone national title as ND's coach despite having more wins than any other ND coach.

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