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San Francisco 49ers @ Las Vegas Raiders GDT


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Apparently we have a game in less than 24 hours and no thread where we can hopefully put aside all our Carr-related grievances for a day or two… lol who am I kidding? But anyway, here we are:

The Battle of the Bay: Las Vegas Edition.


How will the players react to the benching of Derek Carr - will they come out fighting against the form team in the NFL?

Can Jarrett Stidham surprise us all and keep the Raiders competitive against a team who have won 8 games in a row, all of them by at least 8 points (most of them by numerous scores)?

Will our below average OL slow down Nick Bosa who is averaging over 1 sack per game?


My predictions: no, no and no.

37-10 stroll in the park for our old Bay rivals.


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All the signs, all logic and all reason says the 49ers win in a landslide. However, this is the NFL and crazy stiff happens all the time snd this is a classic trap game fir San Francisco.

Im excited to see what Stidham can do and who will replace Chandler Jones and get a chance given he's been very underwhelming. 

I think we play inspired but ultimately just lose out to the far superior team and we then have more questions than answers moving forward……. This team really is bi-polar.


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In all seriousness I’m interested to see how Stidham handles this challenge.

I don’t expect him to be passing for 300 yards or looking like a seasoned pro against one of the best defenses in the league, but if he can limit mistakes then maybe he can keep the offense ticking over and we score some points tomorrow.

I don’t ever expect him to be our #1, but these last couple of games of the season are a chance for Stidham to show that he can be one the better backups in the league.

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31-16 49ers. 

This shouldn’t be close. 49ers have the best defense in the league… and at least a Top 12 offense to go along with it. It’s clear we are kind of in “tank” mode as well, but that has no factor in my prediction. 

Usually at this point in the season, I root for losses for better draft position, but I would prefer to win this game, and lose to the Chiefs in Week 18. 

This is a huge rivalry game. There will be a ton of 49er fans there. Also, can you imagine Josh McDaniels defeating the 49ers with Jarrett Stidham? Or even a close game. He’ll look like a genius, and it would be a final blow to Carr and his fans. 

Rooting for a Raiders win tomorrow 100%. But expecting to lose by two scores. Possibly even three scores. Their DL is gonna destroy our OL to epic proportions.

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12 hours ago, Justwinning said:

Ok so what do we do if Stidham lights it up for over 300 yards passing and 3 TDs lol

That would be his first start so we’d have to see a little more, but it would be against a good defence too so you’d have to consider him in the QB competition moving forward. 
What would be a head-scratcher is if he did that against the 49ers but then looked dire against the Chiefs, we’d have no idea which is the real Stidham. We’d be better off if he crashes and burns both games or looks great both games. 

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16 hours ago, bucksavage1 said:

I’m calling the upset tomorrow 24-20


I’m thinking we have too much star power on offense stiddy just has to get the guys fed. I like that he is a threat to extend plays which keeps the defense honest imo. 

our defense has to keep us in this game 

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17 hours ago, Justwinning said:

Ok so what do we do if Stidham lights it up for over 300 yards passing and 3 TDs lol

Consider letting him roll into next year as the bridge guy while we play around the board with trades to build up the bleak roster and accumulate resources for 2024. 

Issue with games like that is you can find them dotted across the board (Mike White has had a few huge games and looks like there's some starter potential lurking around, but so has Davis Mills who looks destined for a backup role). It's a good problem, though, as I would rather have a backup QB who has shown he can play than a total unknown. 

Hoping Stidham looks decent as it could persuade us against some stupid notion like throwing big money at a 46 year old rental and allow us to find a QBOTF while not, for once, plugging him into a total disaster of a roster and hoping he's literal Superman. 

By and large, even QBs who turn out great aren't the ones initially "making" their supporting cast. If you plug a young QB into an offense with a bad OL and/or poor weapons, they're just going to wind up wasted potential. If they have to constantly bail out a league bottom type D, they're just going to wind up wasted potential. I want our next QB to be a finishing touch, not a needed savior. Stidhan playing well allows us to (hopefully) take that approach. 


That said, the 49ers are better than us at virtually every aspect of the game from scheming to coaching to play execution. I expect a slaughter regardless of whether Stidham plays well. 

36-10 49ers


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