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Bucs vs Panthers

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4 minutes ago, CP3MVP said:

Todd Bowles is your coach for 2023 no matter what lol

I certainly hope not!

Damn, this game was crazy. I about died on the Camarda fiasco. But man, Brady and Evans finally got going. Old man still got it when he has time.

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1 hour ago, ravishingone said:

The HC will have zero input in the OC hire if Brady returns.

We ran the BA vertical offense today. Whats the logic behind waiting this long? No clue. But Brady all year couldn't hit the go route and underthrew everything. Today he was hitting Mike in stride all day. 

BA made a comment that he misses the sideline. Which to me - means he didn't want to retire. Brady has more input than what fans think. This is why Byron leftwich will be an OC in this league. 

As for the interior OL - when Jensen is back we need to new Guards. We cannot run the football. Hainsey plays OK sometimes but he is not there. Maybe Goedeke develops into something and the light comes on but even as a 3rd blocking TE he had some issues today.

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18 hours ago, ravishingone said:

432 and 4TDs.  The man is a unicorn.  The Bucs will be begging for Brady to return in the offseason.  

I have zero words to describe it. He has consistently underthrown that deep ball all year. Today - it seems he hit the vertical and intermediate routes consistently. They also opened up the playbook more. 

The run game still stinks but thats more bc the interior lineman aren't road graters. We also don't have a big power back. Ronald Jones was that guy last 2 years bc he hit the hole with force and power. Lenny is a finesse back in a fat 260lb body lol who goes down when someone touches his leg. Should probably hit the weighted sleds, squats and deadlifts more this offseason if he ever decides to dedicate himself to the gym all offseason. 

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Turns out Brady still has it and Leftwich is an even bigger problem than we thought.

Surprised the team dug that out after being down 14, but hopefully that gives them enough confidence to take into the playoffs.

Now to finish with a winning record and get healthy for the playoffs.

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