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Bears VS Lions - Post Game Observations

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11 hours ago, Louis Friend said:

I'm sorry, but if you actually believe these three statements, let's just agree to disagree because I just don't even understand how anyone can legitimately believe this. I'm out. 

Believe it or not, their PFF grades are the same:



Lamar Jackson is an inconsistent passer and doesn't have the arm strength of Justin Fields.  At this point, it is tough to questions the running skills of Justin Fields.  

To me, Justin Fields needs better weapons at WR and needs to improve his passing skills if he is going to the answer at QB for the Bears.  

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35 minutes ago, Louis Friend said:

PFF also grades the Bears OL as better in pass protection than the Lions OL. 

PFF also doesn't have a single Bears WR playing in the top 80 WRs in the league.  And Kmet is the 27th ranked TE in the league.  

And yes, he and Goff have similar PFF grades, obviously Fields running is making up for his passing numbers but his passing has not been awful this year.  

Other than Lamar Jacksons MVP year, Fields is putting up very comparable passing stats to him.  And with a worse supporting cast.  If Fields gains 63 yards on the ground next week, he will surpass Jacksons best season running the ball.  They are very similar players but I would take Fields arm over Jacksons.  Even though Fields still needs to work on reading defenses better.  Also Jackson has had one of the best coaches in the league his whole career, Fields has his second coach in two years and had to learn a system. 

In the 9 games prior to the game against us last week, Fields was over 60% completions in every game and with QB ratings of 118.7, 120.0, 106.7, and 119.5.  In that stretch he averaged 25 points a game, which would be top 7 in the league.  

So yeah, he looked awful against us.  And yes he has a lot to work on, and he is far from a finished product.  But look at Josh Allen's stats before getting Diggs.  Or Tua before getting Waddle and then Hill.  Or Hurts once he got AJ Brown or the opposite of Tannehill before and after Brown.  Even Trevor Lawrence before getting just someone as good as Kirk and a decent coach.  Its hard for QBs to look good in this league with trash WRs.  Will Fields be Mahomes or Allen, probably not.  But he will be a very good QB once he gets a WR or two who can get open and he can trust and once he is settled in a system.  


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18 minutes ago, diehardlionfan said:

I really am not a fan of running QB’s.

I am a fan of Mobile QBs.  They can extend plays, move the chains and extend drives with their running ability.  However, too much running creates durability issues.  For example, Russel Wilson could move around and break-off runs that would kill a defense but he is also a pretty good passer.  The Seahawks allowed him to take a lot of unnecessary punishment by putting him behind bad O-Lines for too many years.  

On the other hand, Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers are really good at extending plays and moving the chains.  Josh Allen might be the exception at this point but I suspect the Bills are quietly trying to coach him out of taking too much punishment early in his career.

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